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Your baby looks like a
10 weeks | 1st Trimester
203 days left
Your baby is
1.2 inches
Ideal weight gain
0 - 100 grams
This Week
Your baby
Your baby at 10 weeks is swallowing and kicking. Soon your baby will double in size to the size of an olive. The most important organs have been developed and little fingernails and hair are starting to form. The sexual organs are still under development.
Your Body
This is when you will notice your waist getting thicker and can feel your uterus if you run your hand above your pubic bone. You are near the end of your 1st trimester .
Food & Nutrition
Keep hydrated to promote circulation. Give up caffine and take on herbal teas. Make sure you drink close to 12 glasses a day and reduce your in take in the night so you don't get up to pee in the night.
What you should eat
Prunes, Cauliflower and Beans
Rich in Iron
Rich in Vitamin K
Rich in Protein
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
The exercises you do this week need to be low impact ones that do not strain your back. Swimming is the perfect idea as water takes on some of your weight, going easy on your spine and limbs. It is also time you get a pregnancy pillow to sleep better.
Low Impact Aerobics
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