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1 weeks | 1st Trimester
266 days left
This Week
Your baby
Well at this point you are not really pregnant and may infact have just started your period. Yet, this is considered your first week of pregnancy since the date is calculated on the basis of the first day of your menstrual cycle. Conception usually happens around the 12-14 days mark when you start ovulating. Pregancy usually lasts between 37 to 42 weeks and there is no way to predict the exact due date. Think of this as an aproximation based on the gestation period and the start of your menstural cycle.
Your body
This would be the start of your ovulation period. During the next 12- 24 hours your egg is set to fertilize, you would be able to confirm this in a weeks time.
Food & Nutrition
What you should eat
Spinach, Milk and Lean Meat
Rich in Calcium
Rich in Calcium
Lean Meat
Rich in iron.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
This is a good time to start some sort of physical activity such as walking or swimming. Physical activity is pivotal in imparting endurance and flexibility in the body, essential during pregnancy. Yoga is another example of something you could take on.
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