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This is a great way to introduce protein in your baby’s diet without starting on meat or eggs. Ingredients: 1 tbsp moong dal( green gram) ¼ cup Mixed veggies – carrot, peas, beans 2 cups water A pinch of turmeric Method: 1.Wash and soak dal in water for half an hour. Soaking is believed to reduce gassiness from dal. 2.Clean and wash all vegetables well in running water. 3.Dice them into small pieces. 4.Put them into the pressure cooker along with water and turmeric. 5.You can add some coriander leaves to add flavour. 6.Let it cook till 7-8 whistles and veggies and dal well-cooked (You should be able to mash them with a spoon). 7.Blend using a hand blender or mixer. 8.Adjust consistency to your baby’s liking and serve.

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