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Your Zodiac Sign Can Tell The Type Of Mother You Are- Find Out!!

Sun-signs can tell fairly about the kind of personality you have. We’ve all been super curious to find out more about ourselves especially through horoscopes! After all, they’re extremely interesting and keep us hooked on to plenty books and newspapers. As moms, do you think there are differences in your personalities and do zodiac signs really have an influence on the type of personality you have? Do you think your zodiac sign can determine the kind of attitude you have towards your kids? Read on to find out more about yourself as a mommy-

1.Aries:(March 21-Apr 19)

Strengths- Fearless, confident and self-aware

Weakness- Obsessive, Self-centered and highly competitive

Parenting Style:

She’s a go-getter and she takes on life as though she’s heading for a battle head-on! She’s obsessed with perfection and wants to make a mark on everything she does...including motherhood. She is full of valour, vigour and confidence. As much as she loves her child, she needs her own space and taking care of herself is more important and then come the kids and others. She’s basically a self-sufficient mom and she wants the same out of her children too. She will be the best role model for her kids.

2. Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Strengths: Presence of mind, stable and hard working

Weakness: Materialism, mood swings and vanity

Parenting Style:

A Taurean mom is the one who can enjoy best of both worlds. She can run a business perfectly and also be the life of a party! She’s the kind of mom who can inflict fear in her kids be it of strangers or even God. She’s stern on every decision she makes for her kids and eventually her kids will know that it's for their good. If she can force her kids to do things against their will but she’s also cool enough to let them do unconventional things like driving scooty at the age of 15! She is old-school yet fun to be with.

3.Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Strengths: Curiosity, youthfulness, versatility, broad-mindedness

Weaknesses: Impatience, inconsistency, lack of boundaries, more lecturing and less listening

Parenting Styles:

Their complex parenting style can drive anybody nuts but, at times they can come off as a bit of a surprise! You’ll never be bored of a Gemini mama because she’s awesome. She’s full of surprises, as in, one moment you’ll see her scolding her kids and the next you’ll find her hopping into the car with her kids and off to a cinema date with them.

4.Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Strength: Leadership, confidence and playful

Weakness: Over energetic, dramatic and self-centred

Parenting Style:

You’re in love with the feeling and experience of motherhood because you know it all. Parenting is the best way you can express yourself as she’s involved in a lot of aspects of her child’s life. She is stern as she has been a high grade achiever, she wants the same from her kids too. So, it is quite difficult for her kids to adapt to her. Eventually, she ends up pushing her kids a bit too far due to her over ambitiousness. But it is again for the good because kids of a Leo mama tend to grow up to become doctors, business people, artists and lawyers! Her investments have bounty results, always.

5.Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 23)

Strengths: Intelligence, healthy habits, common sense, organized

Weakness: Worry, anxiety, critical, over-thinker and judgmental

Parenting Style:

An orderly, free-spirited and up-town funky mom. She may be an introvert by nature, but she sure knows how to let loose and shake a leg with her kids. She loves her personal space as much as she loves her kids. She’s intelligent and she always thinks ahead. She is highly adventurous, humorous and philosophical. She needs to overcome her self-criticising attitude and cool it for a while because she needs to take a breather to push away all anxieties.

6.Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Strengths: Willpower, determination, happy, intuition, strong

Weakness: Obsessive, control-freak, paranoia and unavailability

Parenting styles:

A strange blend of intimidating, controlling, inspiring and a quirky mommy. Her kids will be the first ones to hold her and love her back when she shows love. But when they have to face her wrath, they’re going to be the first ones to escape. She’s always got her eye on her kids as she’s highly protective of them. As she’s emotional, she easily adapts to motherhood. She can be a little slow to open up to the world, she is one in a million. She’s hardworking as she wants to secure a future for her kids be it a property investment or sending her kids to the best schools.

7. Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Strength: Comfort, sentimental, great choice, sensitive

Weakness: Fear, overprotective, mood swings, jealousy

Parenting style:

She’s a nurturing spirit driven by her maternal instincts. She is sensitive to needs and takes special care be it animals, dolls or her own kids. They’re born to be the best mothers. She has an idealistic approach to life and family in general as she loves creating warm and comfy atmosphere at home. She may be an introvert as she is shy and reserved, but her kids are going to be the source of her social life.

8.Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Strength: Classy, fairness in judgement, patient, refined

Weakness: Snobbish, inconsistent, vanity

Parenting styles:

The sign denotes balance and that’s exactly how a Libran mommy will function. Although she’s a procrastinator, upon being blessed with the fruit of motherhood, she seeks balance and becomes an A-type mom.

She loves harmony and peace at home and her life and she finds happiness and zeal to live for other people in her life. No wonder, Libran mommies are deeply attached to their kids! She also thinks abstractly and comes up with quirky answers to everything her kids could ask- “Mommy?? Where do babies come from?” Or “ Mommy?? Where is the Heaven located exactly??” She’s all about fashion and wants to look good everywhere she goes and she loves dressing her kids up too!

9.Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Strength: Patience, consistency, thoughtful, organised, traditional

Weakness: Anxious, worry, pessimistic, serious, overcautious

Parenting Style:

A stern and strict parental figure just like a father. She is more of a dad than a mom because of her authoritative and stern nature. She is the one who teaches valuable life lessons to her kids and values traditional ways of life and livelihood. She may respect her parents, but she isn’t a best friend to her kids. She never displays emotions to her kids and generally gives stiff hugs after a huge round of lecture. She may the breadwinner of the family and has great professional ethics but she might miss out on the adorableness of her kids because of the way she is.

10. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Strengths: Original, youthful, fair judgement, open-minded

Weakness: Detached, dramatic, pessimistic, turbulent

Parenting style:

She’s definitely one hell of a mom because she has these fancy blends of traits which are unique by nature. She can be a fashionista and at the same time, she can hold a black belt in Karate. She is not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. However, she could be a bit rebellious, detached and full of surprises. Therefore, it is quite difficult for these mommies to be attached to their babies. Nevertheless, she is a fun momma to be with as she does ash her kids wish. She’s a practical person and is packed with energy. She needs to maintain an individual identity for herself to keep her social life stable. So, what if she’s a mommy, her style mantra is always going to be on point!

11.Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Strengths: Knowledge, adventure, instincts, humour

Weakness: Bluntness, impatient, crude, spontaneous

Parenting Style:

She’s highly instinctual and works by her instincts. She is the kind of mom who needs to adapt to motherhood as swiftly as possible. She treats her kids the way a regular child needs to be treated. Her kids will demand a lot of energy and of course, she’ll be able to integrate them in her daily routine easily. She’s a worker bee as she continues to work until she’s completely exhausted. Her spontaneousness will bring out the best in her and she’ll eventually go on to be her kid’s favourite human! The best part about her is her divine sense of humor, which will keep her children in love with her until eternity.

12. Pisces (Feb 19-March 20)

Strengths: Nurturing, kind, loving, imaginative

Weakness: Instability, guilt, manipulation

Parenting style:

Very sensitive mommies who treat their kids like goddesses. She loves living in her own world and sees her kids as the heroes of that world. She is unpredictable and doesn’t have a structured life. She hates being told what to do. When she has to wake her kids up in the morning to formulate a fixed routine, she may need extra help from family to instil this routine in her kids. She is sacrificing by nature and she can bring the moon for her little ones. She can become obsessive with her kids in such a way that she will never find faults in them even if they make mistakes. She loves spending time with her kids and loves pampering them.

What do you think, mommies? Have we predicted your motherly nature right?  

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