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Your Toddler Throwing Too Many Temper-Tantrums? Here Are Some Reasons Why It is A Good Thing

Children, no matter how cute, adorable and innocent can sometimes become a bit of a nuisance in the household. It is not easy to raise a child and it is definitely not easy to say no to them when they ask for the wrong things. And as a result, they often end up lashing out or just outright crying. Though this feels like an annoyance at the moment, trust us when we say that in the long run, it is actually a good thing. Yes, we know that you can have quite a few problems with your own child especially when you are refusing something to them and you must be thinking how can that be a good thing? But let us put your mind at ease. Here are some of the reasons why temper tantrums in your little one are a good thing.

1. It brings you closer

It may be hard to believe at the time, but watch and wait. Your angry child may not look like s/he appreciates you being there, but they really do. Let them get through the storm of their feelings without trying to stop or 'fix' them. Offer kind words and just hug them. Believe it or not, one hug will say all those things that even a thousand words might not be able to.

2. Your little one will sleep better

Believe it or not, once they have lashed out at you, they will be able to sleep a lot better. Believe it or not, even your little one can have a huge emotional build up. It is therefore important that instead of just dismissing your child you let them release all those emotions. Failing to do that, they will keep thinking about the same thing again and again thereby multiplying the suppressed emotions multifold. So, just let them release it all and do not try to interject or scold them. It will only result in them feeling even worse than usual.

3. Tantrums help the child’s behaviour in the long run

It is no secret that what we feel during childhood and how people around us react to it is what leads to us becoming who we are. And believe it or not, these things will affect your child’s personality as well. Sometimes children's emotions come out in other ways, such as aggression, having trouble sharing, or refusing to cooperate on simple tasks like getting dressed or brushing teeth. These are all common signs that your child is struggling with his/her emotions. Having a big tantrum helps your child release the feelings that can get in the way of them being themselves.

4. In a way, they are showing they care a lot about what you do

Tantrums are actually a big compliment, even if it doesn't always feel that way. In most cases, children aren't using tantrums to manipulate us or get what they want. Often your child is accepting the no, and the tantrum is an expression of how s/he feels about it. You can stand firm with the no, and empathize with their sadness but actually, it’s just the bond and love that they really need.

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