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Your PIZZA is More Dangerous Than You Thought!

We love pizza don’t we? It’s our cheat day meal, or our favourite weekend dinner. Order pizza, and nothing sounds sweeter than the sound of the doorbell when the delivery boy arrives with your beloved pizza! 

We eat pizza despite the health warnings we have about it. We know that it is an oily, fattening food but it tastes good and we can’t help but indulge. Except that this is not where the dangers of pizza end.

It’s not just that pizza that’s bad for you. New findings tell us that the BOX in which the pizza arrives is harmful.

Often, the cardboard used for the box is made of recycled material, and it may have used glues, dyes and toxic substances that get transferred to the pizza, especially because the pizza is hot. 

The pizza box may also contain a chemical called DIBP (diisobutyl phthalate), which may have a harmful effect on the human reproductive system as it could disrupt your hormones. The box also has a coating that avoids your pizza from becoming greasy, and this coating has chemicals that could create a lot of health problems.

The problem is worsened because the heat of the pizza makes it easier for these chemicals to be transferred to the pizza. Scientists involved in this study have recommended that you should take the pizza out of the box as soon as you get it to minimise this effect.

But don’t let this scare you from eating pizza! You can always make it at home by involving your family in the process, or avoid parcels by going out to eat. After all, it’s not everyday that we treat ourselves to pizza!

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