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Your Partner's Personality Based On His Zodiac

Have you wondered what gives your partner his personality as a husband and as a father? While it is a lot of different factors, it is also partially determined by his zodiac sign. So here are some ways your partner's zodiac sign determines his personality.

1. Aries

If an Aries man is in love with you, consider the love as an ever-lasting bond. He will admire you until the end and will try his best to keep your marriage interesting. He is a fun-loving husband and definitely looks for an adventurous life.

An Aries dad is a passionate leader. He leads by example for his children, and his tendency towards passion, boldness, independence, goal-oriented-ness and determination helps his children work hard and succeed. He can be stubborn and often has impulsive outbursts which are also a part of the father-child relationship. Apart from these, he encourages the best in his kids and absolutely loves to spend time with them.

2. Taurus

A Taurus man is the most loyal, and is a materialistic, generous and kind-hearted husband. He wishes to provide all the luxuries in the world to you. He likes a sense of stability. So, every day with him is like the day you were just married. All he wants in his marriage is loyalty and support.

A Taurus dad is a super-dependable and extremely affectionate one. He ensures his children feel safe and secure with the family. Family is his first priority. He is always the first one to organize family outings.

3. Gemini

A Gemini husband is a wonder. He has an active social life and ensures your life is a joyride too. He's a committed and dedicated lover who will be on your side through all the ups and downs of life.

A Gemini father is absolutely fun and a child at heart when it comes to raising his kids. Gemini dads never compromise on their kids’ physical and mental health. He is a good storyteller and provides the right stimulation and education while raising his children holistically.

4. Cancer

A Cancer husband is loving, caring and will always be your best friend. He is the perfect combination of emotional and grounded. These qualities help the couple have a smooth married life.

A Cancer dad enjoys creating family traditions. He loves to spend quality time with his family. This might be irritating to his kids sometimes, but they love him for his nurture. He never hesitates to constantly take part in the child-rearing process.

5. Leo

A Leo man is a perfect husband, and would love to spend his life laughing. His stronger side is that he is fiercely passionate, supportive and protects you like a knight in shining armour.

He is devoted to his family, loves to brag about his kids and would like to spoil his kids without any guilt. He is always happy to help his kids. The best thing about this man’s relationship with his kids is that he considers himself as the luckiest dad ever.

6. Virgo

A Virgo husband loves his partner with heart and soul. He is caring, loving and has every intention to fulfil your wishes. He values your comfort more than his own. If you're married to a Virgo husband, you will soon be glad you married this man.

A Virgo father is practical, energetic and communicative. This makes the kids want to be around him. But he is also a perfectionist and this might be a bit too much for kids. Virgo dads encourage their kids to try new things. He doesn’t prefer to talk about his love for the kids so he shows his affection in other ways.

7. Libra

A Libra man is the most romantic of all the signs. He is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Hence his romanticism. He keeps the marriage fresh.

For a Libra dad, his kids and their needs come first. He is generally lenient with his kids, but can be strict when he has to teach them about the consequences of their actions. He enjoys playing with his kids. He is on a mission to provide a harmonious home for his children.

8. Scorpio

A Scorpio man is a loyal and faithful partner. He stands by you no matter what. When he says “I do”, he means it wholeheartedly. Along with that, he makes you feel secure and loved.

Scorpio fathers believe that a busy child is a happy child. So they encourage their children to take part in as many extracurriculars as possible. Since the Scorpio dad has a stunning sixth sense, he will know all of yours and the kid's needs without you having to say anything. He teaches his kids how to behave, and likes to stimulate his child’s mental and physical health by introducing different activities. His kids can count on him anytime and anywhere.

9. Sagittarius

A Sagitarrian is an extremely romantic partner. He spices up the marriage and ensures you are happy in every possible way. He is loyal and endearing too. His adventurous personality assures you have an adventurous life.

As a father, he is fun-loving and cheerful, a dad who pampers his kids by taking them on vacations and road trips. He prefers to spend time with the kids when they are older rather than when his kids were babies. Also, he is more of a friend than a dad to his kids.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are the best husbands of all the zodiac. Their commitment is for a lifetime. He is the perfect man for a serious relationship. He is loyal and always ready to take care of you in every way he can.

A Capricorn father loves to spend time with his kids and is very gentle with them. He is born to be a father as he could devote every moment of his life to raising educated, responsible, hard-working and happy kids. He loves his kids to the moon and back, but he is also careful not to spoil his kids.

11. Aquarius

With his strong personality, the Aquarius man is the most independent one. He loves you passionately but his other life goals also hold equal importance in his life.

Aquarius fathers prefer to be quirky teachers rather than leaders. He might seem emotionally detached from his kids but he loves them and could be the best coach for his kids in any field, ranging from after-school activities, to sports, to projects and seminars. He is trying to raise intellectual kids.

12. Pisces

Pisces husband is a man full of romantic gestures. He is the most passionate husband you will ever find. He takes his role as a partner very seriously and provides all the necessary security to his partner. He is always on his toes to provide his partner with a spiritual and romantic experience.

A Pisces father believes in the importance of freedom to create and express. He is very sensitive to his kid’s needs and could go to any extent to make his child’s dream come true.

No matter what their zodiac sign, the verdict is that your partner is going to be a great husband to you and an amazing father to your child. Put some faith in him, and watch his parenthood journey, as he evolves from a romantic husband to a responsible, affectionate dad.

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