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Your Left Hand Can Reveal A Lot Of SECRETS About Your Personality!

Your hands are the mirror of your soul and your left hand in specific can tell a lot about your future. It covers aspects of your health, finances, character and personality. It can also tell you about the hurdles you’re likely to face during your life. All you need to do is look and observe closely. The accuracy of these things will blow your mind for sure!

The left hand has a unique significance in terms of luck and future predictions. Some people still find it hard to believe that the left-hand holds some deep connections to the inner soul. It is also capable of revealing some deep secrets about your present and the future. In fact, it can shape your destiny too!

Is it related to palmistry?

Palmistry is the scientific study on how to read the palm. So basically, your left hand can reveal a lot of things about you like, the kind of person you are to both- the inner and outer self. But most importantly, it draws light on the kind of person you are on the inside. It also indicates your deep hidden desires, dreams, fantasies and of course the unconscious desires which are unknown to even the closest of your friends and family.

Your left-hand reveals that:

No human has the same kind of lines and impressions on their hands. In fact, the lines on your right hand and left hand are completely different. Even your fingers can be of different lengths, major lines and mounds can be smaller or bigger. If you haven’t noticed, take a close look right now! You’ll see that even the colouring of your hand is different too. These indicators reveal how we function with an intimate bunch of people like our family, partner, close friends and how we behave with people outside our intimate circle like colleagues and neighbours.

Here’s how you can read your left palm:


1.Straight index finger which is longer than ring finger:

You’re a born leader and you’re a great leader in your intimate zone too. Your friends and family like your honesty and directness. They see you as a north star and a guiding light in practical situations. Your family considers your opinions insightful and valuable. They often ask you to make decisions for them even if it is as simple as choosing a restaurant. You’re a natural leader for your close ones and they deeply rely on you.

2.Middle finger with vertical lines anywhere:

If you have them, it means that you’re keenly aware and good at understanding subtle relationships within your family. Therefore it is natural for you to use the honest card and playing by the rules with everybody close to you. Those who are close to you, will admire you, trust you and always be your support in difficult situations. This will bring you great success one day.

3.Ring finger straight and longer than index finger:

You’re a creative person and your family and friends look forward to your ideas and innovations. You don’t like doing things the traditional ways and they bore you.

4.Little finger straight and leans out from the ring finger:

You’re a unique soul and you’re a little rebellious in your own ways. You’re independent and you like doing things your way. This quality of yours makes you an exciting and a bubbly soul.

5.Some interesting facts about your left hand:

If your left hand has a soft and smooth texture, it means your life is full of battles. Your life will be an uphill battle and that’s exactly what will define you as an individual. Although things will be difficult to handle, eventually everything will fall in its place.

6.What’s more in store for you:

If your left hand is full of lines, it is said that you’re easily scared, you’re forever worried and you can get angry easily. If you hands are soft, you’re lazy! You might find it very difficult to find motivation and perseverance. These hands have a tendency to be sensuous and involvement in a lot of immoral activities.


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