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Your Child’s Birth Month Can Predict His Personality!

You know what!! There’s actually a link between the month you were born in and your personality. Although it is quite similar to the zodiac signs it is actually true and holds importance. The statisticians have proved it too!

Studies and pieces of evidence show that the birth month has an influence on the baby's attitude from the very beginning. It has an effect on the kind of choices they would make be it love, life, family or even career.

You may feel like babies literally come into the world as fresh and unopened books. The truth is, they’re already busy writing their life story!

Take a look at your baby’s personality and compare it with the list below:

1.January babies

These kids are generally happier as adults. They mature pretty soon but they are always a child at heart even as they grow up. They are mostly serious about life and they would prefer doing some homework rather than playing. They’re trustworthy and you can always count on them be it cooking, babysitting or even setting the table.

All they need is a little push to create magic! They’re responsible as kids and even as adults. They’re hardworking, dedicated and ambitious. They become what they aspire to be. They’re sensitive, stubborn and practical.

2.February babies

They’re like the innovators and inventors! They hate being told what to do. They’re like little energy packets, smart and follow their thoughts. They’re quick learners and they’re always 2 steps ahead of their playmates. They value independence and they may get rebellious when they’re put under restrictions. They love animals as much as humans. They’re pretty stern with their needs~ like they don’t like too much attention or affection. They love socializing and they also have abstract thoughts but they barely express it.

As grown-ups, they love entertainment and are shopaholics!

3.March babies

These babies are secretive, shy and intuitive. They’re highly emotional people and they’re easily scared. They create a world of their own to feel safe and secure.They’re generous, honest and sympathetic by nature. They love peace and ensure they spread it around them. They are highly sensitive (emotionally) so they tend to bottle up their feelings. They’re highly patient and if you cross the limits, you’ll face the wrath of their rage.


4.April babies

They love living life on the edge. They’re super active and love adventures. They are always up to something fun and exciting but sadly, they lose interest after doing it for a while. There is no way they’re going to be dull and they display a spectrum of emotions from rage to excitement to happiness and they’re generally talkative. They’re positive bubbles filled with confidence and are self-motivated. They’re clever, love making people smile and they also have a good memory.

5.May babies

They’re practical and have a consistent outlook towards life. They are collectors~ be it memories, stamps or coins and shells...they would just collect and feel happy about it. They love clothes and food more than anything else. They are born professionals, as in they begin making money from a very young age. They are known to be stubborn and can stand by their word. They value relationships and are pretty honest and open about it. They’re short-tempered but luckily they can be consoled easily. They’re high spirited and love appreciating things that are worth their time and appreciation.

6.June babies

Born humourous and witty, they’re great entertainers. When it comes to communication, they are able to do it effortlessly be it oral or written. They have a strong relationship with their books and their gadgets as they cannot withstand boredom. Just like their mind needs to waver a lot, they physically need to do it as well. Never overburden these people for they will be Jack of all trades and master of none. Their personalities are charming and are flirtatious by nature. They’re going to be great actors or comedians professionally!

7.July babies

They’re the ones with a big dream and vivid imagination. They are intuitive and they are highly sensitive to other’s emotions and feelings. They are born protectors but are a child at heart. Don’t be surprised if you find them bringing stray animals into the house...all due to their emotional and philanthropic side. Since they’re emotionally turbulent, they are prone to mood swings and depression which could make them cruel. They could end up growing up to be vengeful adults as they have a bad habit of brooding over the past.

8.August babies

Attention seekers and egoistic is the word for the August borns. They love to be the star of the night and the sunlight by the daytime. They have the desire to be pampered and loved by everybody. They are bad at accepting change and are majorly affected by criticism. They grow up to be independent and can develop the ability to fight back if they’re put under restrictions. They’re loud, prude and boisterous. They hate studying and they would prefer standing in the limelight always.

9. September babies

They are perfectionists and are amazing at organizing things. Although they can go to the extremes (behaviourally) they are great at taking good care of people as well as animals in need. They’re good at writing and can make a great career out of it too. They are fierce and very critical of others. Sometimes they can become self-destructive by criticizing themselves too often. They love traveling and exploring. They are stubborn and inspiring people. They are the kind of motivators everybody needs in life.

10.October babies

They are forever confused because they have a tough time making up their mind because they can see both sides on an issue. They have a charming personality and are polite by nature. They are loved by everybody and are quite popular. They appreciate beauty and art in all forms. They are naturally lazy and laid back. They’re diplomatic, smart and fearless. They’re emotional people who are also opinion oriented. They are unpredictable and can easily get hurt when hurt. They can lie although they don’t like it. They have beautiful souls and adorable inner beauty.

11.November babies

Intense by nature and they love digging dirt (not literally) but they like knowing all details of the matters. They’re great detectives as they love solving puzzles and reading mystery books. They can get really emotional in anger or love. Moreover, they’re the extremists who are powerful and well determined. They like getting what they want by hook or crook. They can manage pain easily and as kids, they’re the ones who rarely fall ill and if they do, recovery is as really quick.

They can be vengeful when angered but they’re great at keeping secrets too! They are wild and mysterious and are the life of any party. They are loyal, trustworthy and easily drawn to independent souls with an inner beauty.

12.December babies

Famous for their enthusiasm and optimism, these kids are bubbly and happy. They love learning new things especially academics. They are keen on religious beliefs and philosophy since a very young age. They are honest and love preaching truth and its perspectives to all. They love traveling and learning about new cultures and people. They’re patriotic and they are loyal and generous people. They can become competitive, ambitious, hasty, impatient, sensitive and temperamental.

They are sociable and can do things without hesitating. They’re choosy and can make great debaters. They have a sensitive side but are very choosy about displaying their emotions.

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