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Your Baby's First Laugh: When, Why and How?

For a parent, watching your baby smile for the first time is a sight to behold. That cute, gummy grin when they look at you and feel secure is truly precious.  

But come the day your baby laughs, you’ll have a new hobby - watching and listening to your little one’s laughs. A baby’s laugh is cute and can make any mommy’s day a hundred times better! Agree?

Well, here are some things you should know about your baby’s first laugh and how to bring it about.

When Do Babies Laugh For The First Time?

If your baby is currently cooing and gurgling, the day your baby laughs for the first time is not far. Babies laugh for the first time when they are around 3 to 4 months old. The first time you hear your baby laugh, you may stay still and listen, but soon, that cute, funny and unique laugh will make you laugh every time you hear it!

Why Do Babies Laugh?

Your baby’s first laugh is a response to something familiar - like a face you make at them. Babies laugh because they get a kick out of doing this for the first time. They finally learn to laugh, and when they see you react positively to their gurgly laugh, by either smiling at them, laughing or hugging them, they try to repeat it.

They also begin to giggle or laugh in their sleep anytime around the age of 6 to 9 months! So don’t be startled if your little one laughs when you put him down for his nap!

Did you know? This behaviour helps your baby in developing behaviour that helps them with social interaction when they’re older!

How Can You Make Your Baby Laugh?

There are many ways you can make your baby laugh. The simplest one is to make a funny face. You can also tickle their tummy, play with them, or dance with them. Talking in soft tones to your baby while smiling at them can also make them burst out into a hearty laugh.

Before you try these, make sure your baby is well-fed, well-rested and comfortable. A hungry baby is not as likely to laugh at your funny faces. But when well-fed and in a good mood, your baby will laugh, and make you laugh too!

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t seem to laugh at first. Every baby learns new things at their own pace, and one day, you will definitely get to see their cute lips part to make the beautiful sound of their chuckle. Play with your baby, keep them happy and healthy, and soon, you’ll be laughing with them too!

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