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Your Baby Bump Can Predict If Your Delivery Would Be Normal Or Not!

Some people say that you can predict the gender of your baby by the looks of its roundness. Apparently, having a round bump could mean that you’re carrying a baby girl and if it is slightly pointed, it means that you’re having a baby boy.    

This is probably an old wive’s tail and there’s no scientific explanation for it. Nobody cares about the gender because both the male and female children hold equivalent importance in the progressive society we live in, today.

There’s something more important your baby bump can reveal and it will determine if your pregnancy is safe or not.

Here’s what it says about your pregnancy

1. Your doctor will measure your baby bump as it begins to grow. He will measure something called ‘Fundal height’. It is the measure of the distance between the uterus and the pubic bone.

2. So basically, if your fundal height measures 30 centimetres and you should have completed 30 weeks of being pregnant. This way the doctors will be able to determine your exact due date.

3. The doctor will also be able to detect complications during your pregnancy with the help of fundal height. So, if you’re 27 weeks pregnant, your fundal height should be between 25-29 centimetres.

If not, you probably will have a complicated delivery.

What if the fundal height is larger or smaller?

If you have a larger fundal height, your abdominal muscles are weak and that you could be facing obesity. This causes your narrow pelvis to push your baby outwards and complicates your pregnancy.

If you have a smaller fundal height, your abdominal muscles are strong and they are keeping your baby safe and yet they’re retaining the actual shape of your belly.

Is measuring fundal height better than getting an ultrasound?

The fundal height measurement method is an ‘ancient method’ of calculating the baby’s size. Living in a technologically advanced world, getting an ultrasound is a better option any day.

With an ultrasound, you can get the exact size of baby’s head, thigh bone and the belly. It is then compared to the other baby’s size and date to get an estimate about the pregnancy and baby’s health.

Anyhow, the ultrasound is effective only until 20 weeks and after that, it all depends on the mother’s diet and physical health and genes!

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