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Yoga Poses You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy

From the brisk morning walk to weekend tequila shots to a decadent chocolate cake, the list of things that we can’t do during pregnancy seems to be endless. Narrow down your food choices, lie whole day on the bed like a monger and take a break from being in shape goals. This can be annoying and feel limiting. Luckily yoga is the only treat during pregnancy that can keep you in perfect shape without harming your baby. While there are things to avoid, there is still so much that can help you keep relaxed and peaceful during pregnancy. If you have made up your mind to reap the real benefits of yoga during your pregnancy then beware of these yoga poses that you must avoid.

Compressing Or Twisting Poses

Prenatal yoga

Once you have completed your first trimester and your embryo implants itself in the uterus, you can’t take any risk. Even if a yoga pose consisting of compressing poses claim to have great benefit during pregnancy avoid doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and restrictive. You must avoid poses that can compress your belly so that your blood vessels aren’t compressed and you have perfect blood circulation. So make sure to avoid boat pose, moon posture and any other yoga pose that require you to compress your body.

Extreme Stretches

Unsafe yoga poses during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you can have a train of thoughts running in circles regarding adopting a healthy lifestyle and making you feel relaxed. Yoga is a good choice when it comes to attaining a healthy body without pushing yourself out of your limits. But if you’re thinking of indulging into major stretches then it can have an adverse effect on your body. It can lead to joint instability and pelvic disorder which can totally ruin your happiness during this phase. So it’s best not to push yourself to do things that you’re incapable of during this phase.


It’s great to see the gymnasts and the yoga trainers do extreme inversions. You often get tempted to try out the same but if you’re pregnant you must avoid this yoga pose as it can cause dizziness in the moms. Since your centre of gravity changes during pregnancy, you can’t Headstand or do downward facing dog posture yoga poses. It can affect your pregnancy to bubs, so make sure to avoid these difficult poses.

Heated Yoga

Yoga is all about making you feel stress-free and relaxed. As intense workout can have an adverse effect on your pregnancy yoga poses that can excessively raise the temperature of your body are harmful too. Heated yoga, like Bikram, can make you sweaty and can increase your anxiety level. You must avoid such yoga poses that can heat up your body and can make you feel stressed out. You don’t need to be Po the Panda’s long-lost cousin but you neither need to be Beyonce chiselled into perfection in a single day.


Yoga is fantastic for your pregnancy if you avoid pushing yourself to new yoga heights by indulging in these intense yoga poses. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Stay stress-free and reap the real benefits of yoga.




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