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Workwear Essentials for the Modern Woman

Between the several trends that turn up every season with the international fashion week, this year’s collection had its focus on office wear for women. As power dressing evolves and diversifies in the corporate sector, women are now ready to portray their styles. This portrayal, no longer reflects neutral shades, structured fabrics and crisp silhouettes of the past, but looks forward to the future.

Redefining workwear for women in India and across the world, several styles are now available for women to showcase their personalities according to their lifestyle. We picked out some workwear essentials that should be a part of the modern working woman’s wardrobe:

1. Stripes:

Premium Cotton High Low Tunic with Stripes

This element of design has been a part of the male wardrobe, in a definitive way of vertical stripes being formal while horizontal being casual. Such demarcations have not been laid out for women’s workwear. A vertical stripe top, suits every body shape and height and tends to elongate the figure, while a horizontal stripe top should prove beneficial for long heighted and rectangular body shape women, as the stripes will add volume to your figure.

2. Bold Colours/Prints:

Floral Print Blue Silk Shirt

Neutrals tend to become the go-to clothes whether it is a formal meeting or a casual Friday. It’s time to enhance your work wardrobe and include some bold colours and prints that reflect your personality through the clothes you choose to wear. You can easily pair up these colours or prints with neutral trousers and shoes, keeping the top highlighted. If you’d like to add bulk to your body shape, choose a larger print or choose a smaller print if you’d like to portray a reduction.

3. Solids:

Rust Georgette Formal Shirt with Bow Tie

Ombré Lane is a workwear brand for today’s working woman. We cater to the multifaceted lifestyle of the modern women by offering a versatile, comfy, and sharp work wardrobe using premium quality fabrics that they could carry from the meeting room to social engagements. Our clothes offer superior fit with distinctive feminine silhouettes and functional features made for the Indian woman.

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