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Woman, #YouAreUnstoppable ...Here's Why We Think So!

If women support other women, the success rates will only get higher and better. The moment a woman enters leadership roles, goes through a number of hurdles. The hurdles come in the form of deep-rooted ideologies surrounding women - women should not work, women should not stay out late, women are meant to be housewives/mothers only, etc. This has to change, and we are trying to do this step by step. If everyone (both men and women) starts showing support for these women, these hurdles can be crossed.

So what is "International Day of the Girl Child" all about?

Every girl child is precious and to celebrate their value, members of United Nations came together to celebrate girls. International Day of the Girl Child was initiated in the year of 1995 at the 4th world conference for women. Here, the agenda regarding rights of women was discussed along with adoption of Platform for Action and Beijing Declaration where the blueprint for women empowerment was drafted. This day signifies the important issues of society like gender inequality, child marriage, and the right of girls to go to any place.

What We Are Doing

To celebrate this amazing day, Tinystep, in collaboration with Mother Sparsh, The Moms Co. and Manna Foods has brought together a campaign called #YouAreUnstoppable that enforces the idea of women to be equal to men and to achieve what makes them happy rather than what keeps society satisfied.

Now, let us see what we have learnt so far from our #YouAreUnstoppable campaign where women from every sector of the society come and share their stories of how they are supporting other women in their life.

We are continuously conducting different types of surveys on Tinystep. This time, we asked mothers to share a picture of any “Unstoppable” woman they have come across and their story. These contests have motivated women to come forward and share great experience of life and how they or their known have broken shackles of the society to life a free life.

We have received over 1000 entries so far. A lot of women have shared pictures of their sisters, mothers, mother-in-laws, and friends. This way we got to know that there are a lot of women out there supporting one another to live life on their own terms. It is truly amazing to see that there are so many fearless women out there who support and inspire each other.

With our campaign dedicated towards women, we are able to tell society that women can do anything they set their mind to. This makes the women of today fearless and determined to reach the stars. Everyday, women share pictures of the woman they are inspired from. This helps people on a global level know how women of today have become strong and powerful.

This International Day of the Girl Child, pledge to support other women in your life so that they live freely and lead an independent and successful life. Cheers to women!

We would like to thank Mother Sparsh, Manna Foods and The Moms Co. for coming forward to show their support for this social cause for women!

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