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Woman Gave Birth On The Hospital Floor AND Her Husband Helped Deliver The Baby!

Even after giving birth to 5 kids, this incredible Kansas mom was not prepared for how her sixth delivery was about to go down. Who would ever imagine giving birth on the emergency room floor and that the husband would be the one doing the delivery?

Jes Hogan shared her incredible birth story on facebook using breathtaking pictures and it instantly went viral. She had been having contractions since a few days but they never lead to labour, eventually, when she had a long, intense contraction, she woke up her hubby (Travis) in the middle of the night to rush to the hospital. On the way, she quickly texted her friend and birth photographer, Karin (founder of little leaping photography) that it was finally happening.

As the couple hurried to the hospital, Jes started to scream at the top of her lungs that ‘the baby was coming’. When they started going towards the operation theatre, she felt her body pushing the baby’s head out. She immediately pushed her pants down and since there was nobody around to help them, her hubby rose to the duty. She felt the baby’s head crowning and told her husband ‘To catch the baby’. The photographer arrived just a few minutes ago and started calling out to the nurses while she successfully photographed the drama that unfolded in that moment. The hospital staff then rushed to the mother’s aid and helped deliver the baby right on the floor because there was no time to get the mom to a bed.










It must be one of the craziest birth stories ever but out of it came a beautiful, healthy baby - Max Hogan. Let us know in the comment section what you think about this insane but amazing birth of a baby boy.

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