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Winter Shower: How To Easily Bathe Your Baby

With the rise in the chill in the air, it is essential that you cover your baby and keep him warm. As parents, you give your child all the warmth and love he needs. New parents have a lot of things to keep in mind especially when it comes to hygiene needs.

What may seem healthy to you might not be really healthy for the baby. Like, if you bathe twice a day it is okay for your skin. As for your baby, you will be surprised to know that it is bad!

According to experts, bathing your baby two-three times a week is sufficient. In fact bathing them daily isn’t even recommended! During winters especially their skin is dry and sensitive. But that shouldn’t stop you from meeting their hygiene needs. As your baby’s skin is tender and dry, you need to be extra gentle with him.

Here are 6 tips that you should remember while bathing your munchkin in winters to keep him healthy and safe:

1. Since winter causes excessive dry skin, it is essential that you limit your baby’s bathing schedule to just maximum three times a week.

2.Dip your elbows in the water to check if the temperature isn’t too hot for your baby.

3. Bathing your baby in the lukewarm water for long durations will snatch away his skin’s natural moisture, making it dry. Keep the bathing session for 10 minutes.

4. Since the air around is cold, keep your towels handy to immediately wrap the baby after bath.

What Not To Do:

1.As it is you’re doing a lot of cleaning with the baby wipes. Be it wiping the bummy or the groin region, head, neck, hands, and feet it all gets a touch of baby wipes.

So, of course, you would end up using hot water which would make their skin vulnerable to dryness and rashes.

2.Using hot water will not just dry the skin but also cause the natural moisture and oils to fade away. So, that way you’ll have to use a lot of moisturizers to soothe your baby’s skin.

3. Continuously using baby bath products may injure and cause harm to your baby’s skin.

4.Dry skin may lead to skin conditions like rashes, eczema, itching and patchy and flaky skin.

Mommies, take care of your little one because...WINTER IS COMING! 

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