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Why Your Unborn Baby Moves Around While You Sleep

Why your unborn baby moves around while you sleep

Everything that happens during your pregnancy is easily explained through your daily movements. You can control everything that happens inside your growing tummy if you pay attention to the pattern of your baby’s movements. As you come closer to your third trimester, your baby has the tendency of recognising its surrounding.

Your baby begins to sleep up to 90 minutes in a day which is not at the same time that you do. It is probable that you haven't noticed when your baby is sleeping, but you can be rest assured that your baby is getting enough sleep inside your womb. Most mothers tend to face this problem of having fidgety babies inside their womb during bedtime. These movements inside your tummy can be quite a disturbance for you, especially during the time of pregnancy. Here we help you understand and avoid these disturbances further: 

1. Rocking your baby

Rocking your baby

Any sort of movement by you - be it walking, swaying, standing up, sitting down and doing your daily activities - are all a form of movement that is rocking your baby to sleep. These movements are a direct lullaby to put your baby to sleep for a good 30-40 minutes at a stretch. Once your baby has had this sleep, it is active the entire day. When you go to bed, your entire movements stop which urges your baby to move around even more. This is because of the eerie silence that your baby is not used to. From constant movements during the day to an absolute stand-still, puts your baby in an ultra-active mode because of the uncertainty of you being around.

2. Your soothing voice

Your soothing voice

During the day you are invariably speaking to someone or the other - you sing to your baby or hum a tune while doing chores. Your baby is getting used to your voice and is recognising the voices of those around you. While you sleep, your baby does not hear your voice which makes it all the more active.

3. Midnight snacks

Midnight snacks

During your third trimester, your baby’s sense of sound and smell is enhancing. This makes it all the more easier for your baby to recognize when you are munching on midnight snacks. Any sort of caffeine during the night encourages your baby to stay up longer since all the food that you eat is directly transferred to your baby through the amniotic fluid.

These are a few hacks to encourage your baby to sleep when you do:

1. Silence is miracle

Since your baby is used to your constant movement, it causes a sense of discomfort when you lie still at night. Try meditating or sitting still during the day in order to encourage your baby to get used to you're still presence.

2. Night routine in the day

Mimic your sleep routine during the day, like lying down for a while, as it will encourage your baby to mimic the similar pattern of staying still. This will also give you more time to sleep during the night. Do this for a couple of times until your child becomes in sync with your sleep routine.

Night routine in the day

3. Avoid discomfort

Even a slight discomfort during your sleep schedule can wake your baby up - from either a nightmare, an uncomfortable mattress to a position will disturb your sleep as well as your baby’s. Ensure that all these discomforts, of any sorts, are avoided in order for you and your baby to get a sound sleep.  

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