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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Meals During Summer

Do you often feel like you’re going through a “low” period? Are you sometimes sleepy during the day even when you’ve slept an adequate amount in the night? Do you frequently experience the lack of will and energy to work? Do you time and again feel dull and unenthusiastic?

If your answer is Yes, this article is certainly made for you.

How skipping meals can affect you mentally and physically 

‘Food is to the body as fuel to a car.’ Skipping meals is the nutritional imbalance you’re likely to create for yourself. Also, after we eat, our bodies digest the food intake and break down glycogen (molecules that store energy). This process produces glucose — a molecule that is used as a major source of energy and absorbed into the bloodstream.

This helps us in staying energetic and happy because glucose travels to our liver and muscles, and fatty acids that get stored for later use.

1. Your glucose stores may last you for up to 24 or 48 hours, though they will mostly be depleted after six hours.

Then, not only will you be “hangry”- a state when you feel hungry as well as develop anger. Thus, skipping meals will not only render you weak but will mentally weaken your will power due to which you’d feel meek, dull, and lack the energy to work. Skipping meals has no contribution to losing weight - when you skip a meal, you are most likely to compensate for the nutrients in the next meal. While, if you don’t, your body will start missing those essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Your body needs macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) in addition to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) every day.

Macronutrients form the bulk of that food you intake. When you cut down on the meal, unless you’re snacking healthy, you’re also depriving your body of essential micronutrients.

Breakfast - skipped

It is a very common habit to skip breakfast and instead, eat what is popularly addressed to as “brunch.” This damages the smooth metabolism of the body. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day which should be heavier than lunch and dinner, with dinner being the lightest.

Remember the fuel to a car example? Well, breakfast is like filling fuel in a car before a long trip. Without the fuel, you won’t make it far. A bowl of cereal or a glass of milk with bread forms an ideal meal, something to provide you minerals as well as bone strength.

Why specifically summers

In the scorching heat, you are more likely to lose your body salts thus, leading to dehydration, loss of electrolytes, and vitamin deficiencies. Adjusting our diets according to the weather will help keep one fresh and nourished during this testing season.

Devour fruits, juices

Summers provide you with a variety of fruits and thus, different options of fruit-juices as well. It is recommended to avoid aerated drinks and focus on healthy, fresh ones. Juices and healthy drinks will help regulate your blood sugar and stimulate metabolism. Drink enough water to keep your body cool and prevent dehydration. Coconut water, as well as lime water, are also great choices to quench your thirst while giving you energy.

To prevent hunger pangs in between meals and overindulging during your major meals, you need to put in some effort and avoid laziness in spreading your food intake over five to six smaller meals, maybe some healthy snacks, rather than eating three heavy main meals as the entire day’s fuel.

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