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Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Disposable Diapers

It’s safe to say that new parents have anonymously voted disposable diapers as the true king of convenience and accessibility for making sure that their little one doesn’t have an ‘Oops’ incident. But with all these advantages comes a lot of unrequited disadvantages too.  

Diaper Rashes

The most obvious problem that comes with using disposable diapers is diaper rash. Your little one’s tush is sensitive and because of the friction the diapers offer, it irritates your baby’s skin which results in red bumps and painful and sore skin.

Chemicals everywhere

Diapers are not natural, all that water-soaking, non-leaking action requires a lot of chemicals. The toxicity of these chemicals can harm your baby. If your baby wears diapers all the time, there are chances of chemicals entering your baby’s system.


Apart from diaper rashes, your baby is also prone to allergies. Consider your baby poops and you don’t change the diaper immediately, the bacteria from the poop is in constant contact with your baby’s skin which will cause skin allergies and infections. 

Potty training difficulties

Once your baby gets used to peeing and pooping in diapers, it’ll be very difficult to potty train him. It’ll be hard to make him poop on schedule and he won’t feel like rushing to the bathroom everytime he has the need because of the ‘convenience’ of diapers. This is where the convenience feature of diapers backfires.

Not Eco-friendly

If the diapers are not biodegradable, then the tons and tons of disposable diapers are just dumped into rivers and dump yards. This urine and the faecal-filled matter is brimming with bacteria and fungus which does nothing but harm to the environment.


Disposable diapers are not cheap. Your child tends to run through 8 to 10 diapers a day (at least, in the beginning) and these will cut a hole through your wallet. You will already be having a lot more expenses once your baby arrives because of buying all the baby necessities.

Of course, it is not possible to completely avoid using diapers. What you can do is use cloth diapers (It might be difficult to wash it every time but it’s 100 times safer) and make sure your child is diaper-free for the most time. You can use disposable diapers while travelling with your child or on occasions where your baby is a little colicky. 


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