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Why You Should Switch To Natural Products?

With a number of products arriving in the market for almost all purposes, our audiences are really confused about which of them are actually safe! We see advertisements, promotional events, and campaigns but are they really genuine? We all know that there are very rare products in the market which are free from chemicals and are completely natural by composition.

Here, we would like to tell you a lot of things about switching to natural products because the chemicals have taken a toll over our health. Go ahead with this blog and you will thank us later for providing you with these details.

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How Toxins Affect Our Body And Health?

Why Natural Products Are Safe?

How Can We Minimize The Use Of Toxins?

How Toxins Affect Our Body And Health?

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Toxins cause unhealthy reactions and bring an unwanted change in the body. Before you totally depend on chemical-based products, you must know what it can do to you if used continuously for a long period of time. So, here we have some effects of toxin that you must be aware of.

Oxidants: The toxins are rich in free radicals which can easily get into your body and cause oxidation reactions. It is harmful because it can alter the DNA thereby leading to genetic as well as somatic defects. Only a single molecule of free radical can lead to a chain reaction, so think about too many of them getting into your body.

Potent Carcinogens: A lot of these toxins are potent carcinogens which can immediately induce the uncontrolled proliferation of cells. Some can even lead to an acute carcinoma that spreads in a small period of time. Some of these toxins just activate the cell division and then it progresses slowly in a chronic manner. We can’t really say whether the cancer is benign or metastatic. Some chemicals like formaldehyde, phenol, triclosan, and PERC are known to be very harmful.

Haemotoxin: Some of the toxins get readily mixed with blood and it becomes a part of your circulation. While travelling across different tissues, it gets deposited in them. It can cause damage in tissues and lead to chronic diseases. The toxins will get deposited in the walls of arteries, glomeruli of the kidney, and capillaries, and will weaken them eventually.

Infertility: Some of the toxins get into your lymph nodes and causes an imbalance in your hormonal system. It can prevent the formation of healthy and motile sperms or it can lead to premature ovum. All this will be a reason for infertility and sometimes birth defects too.

Neurotoxin: Some toxins are as harmful as the venom of snake which directly affects your neurons and cerebral activity. It might damage the tissue because some of the toxins can actually cross the blood-brain barrier and might lead to toxicity in the brain. It will slow down the impulse transmission process and sometimes it can turn out to be fatal. In the presence of toxin, the brain is likely to be more vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections which can again be very dangerous and acute.

Why Natural Products Are Safe?

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Now, you might already feel scared because of all the points mentioned above, but we have no intention to cause a fear. We have a very suitable alternative to your problems that you will absolutely love.

Even though you take good care of the products that your baby uses in day to day life, but after all your kid plays on the same floor which is washed with chemical rich disinfectant. Don’t you think it’s a matter of concern? All your efforts to save your kid from toxins is lacking somewhere if your home care products are anyway associated with those harmful chemicals.

So what’s next? We, at Tinystep, have come up with a revolutionary idea of completely natural, pure, and safe floor cleaner which has no side effects on your health in any form. As a mother, you will want to do the best for your child’s safety, and we make sure you get the best from us too. Alongside being pocket-friendly, this floor cleaner from Tinystep has vinegar, baking soda, and neem extract as its ingredient.

It is completely safe and pure for homes which have cute toddlers trying to learn to walk and crawl all over the floor. Not just baby-friendly, it is absolutely safe for your pets too. All the itching, infection, and sneezing will reside when you start using this mild, effective, and natural floor cleaner from Tinystep.

The best part about switching to natural and safe home care product is that, even if it gets into our system, it leaves no damage to the tissues and gets easily eliminated from our body. As you can see, vinegar and baking soda are kitchen products which are used in day to day life. And neem extract, on the other hand, is known anti-fungal and anti-biotic which can is naturally known to cure many infections.

In synthetic floor cleaners, you will find ingredients like glycol ethers, sodium hypochlorite, and ammonia which are harmful for skin despite their anti-bacterial properties. It can cause swelling, redness, and irritation in the eyes and you will see your skin drying up after you expose your hands to it.

How Can We Minimize The Use Of Toxins?

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Now, that we have introduced you to Tinystep natural and safe floor cleaner, we would also like to give you some hacks through which you can minimize the use of toxin. Here you go with some pure and safe home care tips.

First of all, you can switch to products which are approved and safe for home care as well as kid’s friendly.

You can do some homework about harmful chemicals, and go for the products which don’t consist of those toxins. Or you can also opt for the products which have less percentage of these chemicals in them.

Even if you are purchasing your usual floor cleaner or any other home care product, you must dilute it with lots of water and then use it. Reducing the concentration helps to a certain extent.

Keep some friendly chemicals in mind and try to opt for them over any other toxic product. For example, hydrogen peroxide is a very friendly home care chemical that you can trust.

Therefore, now you would know, all that glitters is not gold. Despite a promising effect and safety features, there is still a lot to be done about reducing chemicals in these products. But as a responsible mother, you are the stakeholder of your child’s health, and you must take immediate steps to keep your baby away from the harmful toxin.

Here, is the right chance to make a life-changing decision. We at Tinystep have launched natural and toxin-free products to help make your home safer for you and your family. The products have been crafted from nature making sure that they are safe even for our delicate young ones. Switching to products that are naturally safe for you, your little ones and your pets will probably be the best decision you can make.

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Tinystep Baby-Safe Natural Toxin-Free Floor Cleaner

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