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Why You Should Eat Yoghurt During Pregnancy

Why You Should Eat Yoghurt During Pregnancy

Zeroing upon a perfect diet during pregnancy can be quite a task. There is a myriad of food items (such as pineapple, processed foods, uncooked or half-cooked meat, fish, and vegetables, to name a few) that are best left avoided during the pregnancy period. There are also a variety of food items laden with the essential nutrients that are considered ideal during pregnancy. One such healthy food is the yoghurt (unflavored and pasteurized). Rich in calcium, vitamins, proteins and probiotics (the healthy bacteria), having yoghurt during pregnancy comes with many health benefits such as:

A rich source of calcium and proteins:

Yogurt comes across as a healthy source of calcium for women who are unable to drink milk during pregnancy. As already known to many, enriching the diet with calcium-rich foods during pregnancy is essential for both mother and the baby (for strong and healthy bones). Research also suggests that yoghurt contributes to some extent in the development of the tooth and dental structure of the fetus. Also laden with proteins, yoghurt does contribute to the growth and development of the fetal muscles

Why You Should Eat Yoghurt While Pregnant

Aids in Digestion:

Acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion and related digestive problems are common during pregnancy. Yogurt, laden with the good bacteria plays a pivotal role in the better digestion of food. Further, there is also an enhanced and improved absorption of dietary nutrients thereby keeping pregnancy-related malnutrition at bay.

Deal with Preeclampsia better:

Incidences of preeclampsia (a medical condition characterized by a high blood pressure with the leakage of some proteins in the urine) can trigger complications during pregnancy. Regular intake of yoghurt in moderation can work wonders to lower the risk of preeclampsia and the associated complications (such as low birth weight, stillbirths, stunted fetal growth, and development) significantly.


Why You Should Eat Yoghurt When Pregnant

Lowers the stress:

With all the bodily and hormonal changes, stress (physical, mental as well as emotional), anxiety, and mood swings are inevitable during pregnancy. However, as per various scientific studies and research, yoghurt is known to soothe and relax the body and the mind remarkably making things a lot better for the pregnant woman. It also gives the body a much-needed energy boost to help cope with the pregnancy-related fatigue and weakness with elan.

Strengthens the immune system:

The stronger the immune system of the mother, the better it is for both the mother and the baby during pregnancy safeguarding them from a host of infections and diseased conditions. Yogurt is known to boost the immune system to an appreciable extent and thus should be a part of the pregnancy diet.

Why You Should Eat Yoghurt During Pregnancy

Lower insulin resistance:

With a gain in the body weight (which most women do during pregnancy), many pregnant women develop insulin resistance and gestational diabetes. The medical conditions, needless to say, can give rise to complications with deleterious consequences. The solution to the problem primarily lies in maintaining the serum insulin level within a healthy range. The probiotics in yoghurt do play an instrumental role in lowering the incidences of insulin resistance. Yogurt also helps to prevent an abnormal rise in body weight during pregnancy by keeping the cortisol level within control.

A boon for the skin:

With regular intake of yoghurt, a host of skin problems including skin pigmentation can be well managed and controlled during pregnancy. Yogurt is also a rich source of Vitamin E and is sure to do the general skin a world of good.


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