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Why You Should Be Drinking Jeera Water Everyday When You're Pregnant

Pregnancy is nowhere a breezy ride if anything it’s more of a rollercoaster ride with all those hormonal changes, nutritional changes and the constant switching between morning sickness and frequent urination. But it’s really important to keep an eye on your diet as it plays an essential role in your pregnancy and your little one’s health.

Certain Ayurvedic recipes that are enriched with herbs have a lot of beneficial effects during pregnancy and one such thing is jeera or cumin water. Here are a few of them:  

1. Curbs acidity

Dealing with acid reflux is a major problem among pregnant women. This is due to the relaxation of your stomach muscles and has a lot to do with your little one pushing up against the stomach. Jeera water helps relieve you off it.

2. Stable blood sugar level

You might have already heard of gestational diabetes and how increasingly common it is becoming. Having a glass of jeera water everyday can actually help in keeping your glucose levels in check.

3. Blood pressure fluctuations

Along with fluctuating hormones and stress, comes varying blood pressure. This is neither good for the mom nor the baby and actually stunt the growth of the fetus if not controlled appropriately. Jeera water is a natural remedy for this problem.

4. Anaemia

Many pregnant women are diagnosed with anaemia because of low iron levels. Cumin is actually a very rich source of iron and can help increase the hemoglobin levels in your blood.

5. Constipation

Another major problem faced by pregnant women worldwide is constipation which is accompanied by terrible pain and discomfort. Jeera water helps relieve the gas and get rid of the waste from your body.

So we’ve heard all about the benefits but how do you actually prepare it?

-Add 3 tablespoons of jeera into 1 and a half liters of water.

-Boil this mixture for about 5 minutes.

-Strain the seeds out of the mixture and allow it to cool.

-You can store this mixture in a bottle and sip on it throughout the day as a substitute for normal water.

But make sure not to drink the previous day’s mixture since it is not recommended.


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