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Why You Need Your Mom During Pregnancy

While your nipples are on fire and you’re in a range of emotions in the first few weeks of pregnancy you constantly wish there could be a person in your life that can provide you support during the roller coaster ride of pregnancy. Nobody can dismantle the fears of your pregnancy and the bundle of mixed emotions than your own mom. Having your own mom during the difficult phase of pregnancy will prove to be a crystal ball that will let you know how your delivery will go and will guide you about the ins and outs of this tiring phase. Here are few reasons why your mom’s presence is a must-have during your pregnancy.

An alternative birth partner

Many times your partner is not able to be there during the crucial phase of pregnancy. At such times your mother can be an alternative birth partner showering the same love and support you as your husband. She would hold your hand and push you with ultimate care into motherhood. It, therefore, becomes important to include your mom in your birth plan because once you’ll let your mother enter into your birthing space she’ll guide you through the complications of pregnancy helping you achieve the kind of birth you always aspired for.

Untapped experience to ease your pregnancy

Your mother has experienced the challenges that women face while giving birth to babies and can definitely help you in erasing the worries that emerge if you’re pregnant for the first time. From making your mind power to cleverly recreating the birth story of your mom your mom will add huge virtues to the tale of your pregnancy. You don’t need any kind of birth counselling if your mom is there with you. Once you talk to her about your fears she’ll guide you in the best way possible. This pregnancy is the best time to bond with your mom and feel good about being pregnant.

She knows what to do

Whether you’re having mood swings, nausea or food aversions your mom will have the perfect solution to all the pregnancy symptoms that seem to crumble your life. During pregnancy, you feel overjoyed one moment and completely stressed out the next moment. Your hormones are flaring and you need someone to take care of you in the lows and highs of pregnancy. Your mom will tame down all your mood triggers and will help you go ahead with your pregnancy smoothly.

You feel a sense of comfort

Nobody can replace the importance of your mother in this world. When your mom is right beside you during the initial days of pregnancy you feel you’re in safe hands and she’ll handle every bit of anxiety that emerges in your heart. You’ll truly learn how to handle the complications of your pregnancy when your mom is with you. You’ll never doubt her decisions and you’ll feel a veil of comfort surrounding you 24*7. Your caring and sweet mom will hold you up through every tiring phase of pregnancy.

Your mom can be the best supportive partner to give a confidence boost to you that everything will be okay as you progress through your journey of pregnancy.


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