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Why Working Moms Are Happier Moms

Mothers who pursue their career while parenting their tiny tots tend to be happier in general. Although it is assumed that moms work only when their families have a financial need for it, studies show that there are quite a few mothers who continue to work even as their husband earns enough for the whole family. This goes to show that they are actually working because they want to work.

Those who choose to stay at home tend to work all day looking after household chores and tending to their little ones. In these households, fathers spend very little time with their kids. The mothers are expected to help the kids with everything - right from taking a bath and changing their clothes to finishing up their homework and making them study. 

Working moms, on the other hand, can have it both ways. They would either have to get back from work to resume their mom-duties and finish all the household chores on their own or their husbands may cut them some slack and help them out with the chores. Although the latter is more pleasant, all working moms find themselves feeling happy and content with their lives.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. Sense of independence

You would always find working moms walking around with a sense of pride and self-confidence. This is because they know they don’t have to rely on their husband for every little thing. They are self-sufficient, feel in control and are perfectly capable of making their own financial decisions.

2. Role model for the kids

Working moms set the bar for their kids. They teach their kids how to balance their work life while tending to their family. Daughters learn that there are many benefits to working after having a child. First, parents would sign their kids up for after-school activities to keep them engaged - meaning more skills for the kids. Next, the kids will observe how their parents work together and will learn how to prioritize tasks and make little sacrifices in order to meet their goals.

3. Strong social connections

Mothers who work tend to meet more people and have a stronger social connection due to finding new friends at work. Maintaining constant social contact at work with other adults and having healthy, intellectual conversations on a daily basis helps maintain sanity. At the end of a long day at work, coming home to family gives a great sense of happiness too.

4. Deeper connection to self

When you become a mother, it is easy to lose a sense of your own identity and a firm grasp of who you really are. It is when the kids grow up and move away from that mothers will suddenly feel like they don’t know themselves and will find it really hard to let their kids go and live on their own.

5. There is no financial guilt

Stay-at-home moms often feel that financial guilt from not making any money of their own. They feel like they are draining their husband and will feel reluctant to ask their husband for money to buy things for themselves. When they earn their own money, they feel free to use it to buy things for themselves and their families - no questions asked.


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