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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Lose Weight

During winter, most of us try staying home, keeping ourselves warm and as far away from the chilly breeze as possible. This would mean that our body is getting less exercise which eventually means that we’ll not be losing weight and if anything we’ll be adding more pounds, right? Well, that’s actually not true.

Before we get into the juicy details of why winters are the best time to shed a few kilos let’s understand the basics of how fat works in the human body. Two primary types of fat are brown fat and white fat. Brown fat is the “good fat” that we are born with, that keeps us warm during cold temperatures. This fat helps in fighting off the white fat which contributes to your weight.

In winter seasons, your body needs to be kept warm to protect you from the harsh, cold temperature. And to keep you warm, calories need to be burnt. This means that your body naturally burns more calories/energy during the cold season than it would during summer or spring.

In a study done by the scientists at Maastricht University, they found that being in mildly cold temperatures can increase the rate of energy burnt anywhere from 3 to 30 percent.

Not a lot of people prefer cold over hot (I personally don’t), which is why it can be hard to just sit in a place with cold winds flowing all over your face and think to yourself ‘This is for the greater good’. But get this - Being cold to the point of shivering for around 15 minutes burns the same amount of calories that an hour-long mild workout would. This almost sounds too good to be true but it is true.

So, if you’ve been trying to lose some weight and you have been postponing the diet plan to summers (because you naturally sweat more, losing more fat) then it’s time you rethink your decision. Do it this winter and get that enviable hot-mom bod with much less effort. 

When we say you’ll be able to lose weight this season without pushing yourself too hard, it means that you need to do your part too. We know that those hot jalebis and bajjis look tempting on a cold day but resist your urge and go for a light walk in the early mornings (It can be hard for the first few days but it’ll be worth it when you see the results). Imagine if just sitting in cold will burn so many calories then what a workout will do for your body? 

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