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Why Sleeping Naked Is A Healthier Option ?

Ladies, let’s face it - we all hate those tight outfits causing creases, sweat patches throughout the day. If given a choice, we’d all happily give up our uncomfortable work clothes and wear sweats all day, everyday.

Why sleeping naked is a healthier option?

Ladies, let’s face it - we all hate those tight outfits causing creases, sweat patches throughout the day. If given a choice, we’d all happily give up our uncomfortable work clothes and wear sweats all day, everyday. But when it comes to sleeping in the comfort of our house, we can ditch those comfy sweats, embrace ourselves in the most literal way, and sleep naked. Sleeping naked provides the much needed comfort to our body, reduces the amount of twirling and rolling on our beds that it takes to get us to sleep. Enough of waking up sweaty and with a bad night’s sleep - let’s ensure we give ourselves what we deserve.

Not only is it easier to just skip the process of changing into our nightwear, it also helps us get in and out of bed faster. The various layers of clothing on you, especially during summer seasons, do not open the pores on your skin. Sleeping naked provides the much needed relief to your body, and lets it breathe free without the restraint of clothes. The stress levels in our body can also be reduced by sleeping in the nude. Stripping off those pyjamas reduces your body temperature, which is said to increase the duration of the most important phase of your sleep cycle that is REM. This reduce in temperature during sleep also helps the body to regulate the cortisol production. The right amount of cortisol, a steroid hormone, maintains the homeostasis of the body, which is essential to stay healthy. Besides, the growth hormone and melatonin secretion is also better when the temperature of the body is low. The increase in blood circulation while you sleep free of clothes also increases the quality of sleep, which helps reduce stress levels and anxiety.

Sleeping naked also aids you in building confidence and being more comfortable in your own skin. If you live with your significant other, being in skin-to-skin contact with them not only heightens sexual and emotional intimacy, but also releases oxytocin, which is a feel-good hormone that enhances the closeness you feel towards your partner. This kind of contact with your spouse also improves immunity and lower the high blood pressure levels. Removing clothing during sleep can also provide an airy environment that can improve the health of your sex organs, and can also prevent any yeast or bacterial infections. Some studies also show that sleeping naked helps maintain good posture and keeps the body fit. It helps in lowering the cholesterol, and minimises the fat around your belly, thus ensuring you do not accumulate unhealthy fat in your body.

With so many advantages of sleeping naked, along with the added benefit that it’s just plain easier and more comfortable, we would definitely recommend you to give your pyjamas some rest, try sleeping naked, and see for yourselves, the difference it creates in both your health, life and your marriage!

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