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Why Should You Switch To Organic Foods?

Why you should switch to organic foods

Gone are the days when the market would be laden with fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, and other eatables. The last decade or two has seen an unbelievable rise in the use of adulterants, harmful chemically modified pesticides and fertilizers to increase the output of food items by several folds. Many of the fruits and vegetables available in the market are being artificially ripened using such harmful chemicals.

All these unfortunate and unethical practices have been deteriorating the quality of food items beyond imagination - exposing us as well as our loved ones to a myriad of health problems and complications. Thus, to stay healthy, it is essential that the food that we eat is devoid of all these adulterations.

In this regard, organic foods (produced via organic farming sans the use of any harmful chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides) come as a breath of fresh air. Taking into consideration the health of loved ones, switching to organic food is indeed the need of the hour. The sooner one realizes this, the better it is.

Health Benefits of Organic Foods

1. Laden with the essential nutrients and antioxidants: Artificially grown/chemically ripened foods may appear healthy from the outside, but the intake of such foods will do the body more harm than good. More than often, the use of the chemicals and other adulterants plays the wrecker-in-chief - destroying the essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients necessary to keep the body healthy as well as disease-free. Organic foods, on the other hand, are naturally grown sans the use of any chemicals. Thus, are laden with the vital nutrients. As compared to the chemically/genetically modified foods, the antioxidants are present in abundance in organic foods - thereby benefiting its consumers to an appreciable extent.

Health Benefits of Organic Foods

2. Helps fight a host of health problems: As per several scientific studies and research, most of the organic foods (such as dairy products and animal meat) are found to contain a naturally occurring fatty acid known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid comes with immense health benefits. Known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties, CLA plays a pivotal role in alleviating allergic reactions. It also helps to keep cancer at bay, maintains the level of cholesterol (lowers the LDL level significantly), strengthens the immune system and also aids in weight loss.

3. A boon for the ecosystem: In addition to the deleterious effects on the human health, the use of chemical pesticides also harms the environment - resulting in pollution (especially of the water and soil) which disrupts the healthy balance of the ecosystem. In the case of organic farming, the farmers use techniques and fertilizers that not only produce healthy foods but also helps to conserve the soil - keeping pollution at bay.

A boon for the ecosystem

4. Immune booster: As already mentioned, organic foods contain the essential vitamins and minerals - all of which play an instrumental role in strengthening the immune system. This improves the body resistance against a host of infections and disease-causing organisms.

5. No preservatives: As compared to the non-organic and chemically-treated foods, the organic foods have a better and longer shelf life (the time up to which a product is safe and fit for use). Hence, these foods do not require the use of any preservatives. 

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