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With the responsibilities and schedules, play, work and satisfying the needs of your child, life could become pretty serious when you become a mom. Although the father becomes more of a fun person after having a child, the relaxed, stress-free and playful personality of yours could disappear into the background. It is because of the difference in the type of activities moms and dads do with their kids. Fathers usually engage themselves in the leisure activities such as watching TV or playing in the field whereas mothers are often bound to do tasks like serving dinner, grocery shopping or keeping track of upcoming events in school, doctor appointments, etc - None of it sounds like a barrel of laugh. So, here are 8 ways for busy moms to get back your playfulness and freely express your silly sides.

Don’t sweat it

Be a fun parent by letting you be yourself than worrying about why you are not a fun parent. Pushing too much to be a fun parent could actually make you not-so-fun parent. In fact, each one of us has our own duties to accomplish each day and being a fun parent all the time is not possible. Also, being a fun parent is not about the quantity of time, but the quality of time you spend with your children.

Roughhousing with your child

It is the dad who always roughhouse with the child - wrestling or throwing him up in the air or swinging him around by his arms - while mommies sit in a corner and cringe. Instead, mommies, shed off the fear, stop being over-cautious and start playing freely. Your child will love you more.

A little dirt is okay

As a mom, it is quite obvious to be concerned about your child’s health and the cleanliness of the house. But kids like messes - mud pies, puddles, paints, and anything as such. And it is okay. Bigger the mess more is the fun. Let your child have the fun and you can play along.

Be physically active

What makes your child happy is “Let’s go and play” rather than “Run along and play”. Being a mom is like being on a mission all the time. It is indisputable that you have loads of tasks to be taken care of at your home. But setting aside some time and involving in physical activities with your child, such as sliding down or climbing up the slide, swinging on the swing independently or with your child on your lap, could be beneficial in strengthening the bond with your child and also, making you a fun parent that your child desires.

Chips and chocolates

Most of the parents are aware of what is good for their child. But being too stringent with your child would make him ward you off. Everything in limit is tolerable. So, take a chill pill and let your kid enjoy his favourite chips, candies or chocolate once in a while.

Be a kid with the kid

When your child comes to you for a company, he is not looking for adult talks. He is looking for a friend with whom he can be himself. So, get down to his level. Unleash your inner child and have fun. Climb into his crib and read a bedtime story or sit and have a messy play with him or make silly jokes. Your child would have all of these etched in his memories forever.

Bend rules a bit

It is important to teach your child about the discipline in life. But bending rules at times for your child’s happiness is perfectly alright. Try saying “Yes” instead of saying “No” - for the toys he wishes to have, for the places he wants to visit, for the candies he likes to eat. That would make you the most loved mom. 

Infuse fun into work

Instead of working all day long and being dead tired by night, how about a helping hand? Infuse fun into work and your child will enjoy working with you. Play throwing toys into toys basket, dirty clothes into the laundry basket or put on music, swipe to the beat or sing into the mop handle or create your own games to infuse into work. 

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