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Why Should Children Be Taught Their Mother Tongue?

In today's competitive world, every individual is busy honing their skills to excel in life. From extracurricular activities to academic care and guidance (including professional help), parents leave no stone unturned to ensure their kids reach the zenith of success. However, in this endeavor, many parents miss out on giving the basic education- teaching their children the mother tongue. Today, almost all children are found to be proficient in a number of foreign languages (such as French, Spanish) which would eventually work to their advantage in the long run. While this is indeed commendable, knowing the mother tongue (speaking, reading as well as writing) is also essential and can benefit a kid in the following ways 

Improved communicative skills: Believe it or not, but mastering one's mother tongue is no Herculean Task, especially for children (whose young and active brain can acquire the knowledge faster and better). A little effort from the parent's end is all that is needed. In fact, learning the mother tongue at an early age helps a child to express themselves better. Such children are also able to interact and communicate with people at ease without any hesitation, a quality that will go a long way to improve their overall personality development.

1.Creative genius

Research suggests that children who are proficient in their mother tongue end up being creatively more enhanced. While they are a plethora of foreign languages, a person is often found to expresses himself or herself the best (be it in writing poems, stories, or just putting forward an idea) in their native or mother language. No wonder, many famous writers still prefer to write in their native language. Thus, as parents, it is up to you to always encourage your child to learn their mother tongue.

2.Intellectual development

Many psychologists and educators are of the opinion that children tend to learn and acquire more knowledge (no matter how difficult the subject be) when taught in their mother tongue. In one's mother tongue, even a difficult subject can be explained in a simplified manner so that the child can understand the subject matter without any struggle. In such children, the intellectual development is thus found to be of a superior level.

3.Emotional Development

Learning the mother tongue and enriching themselves with the rich poetry and literature of the famous authors and scholars play an instrumental role in enhancing their emotional development to an appreciable extent.

4.Better bonding

Sometimes, knowing the mother tongue helps in better bonding between the children and their family members, especially grandparents. Your grandparent’s happiness will know no bounds when you read out their favorite stories to them or sing their favorite folk song. Such things will only be possible when you have mastered your native language, a language that has given you an identity.

Love and be proud of your mother tongue and ensure your child also feels the same way.  

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