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If given a choice, every woman would want to enjoy their pregnancy sans the unlimited episodes of vomiting, dizziness, headache, nausea, and body ache. Mostly affecting pregnant women during their first trimester, morning sickness is nothing short of a nightmare. This throws life and the day to day activities in jeopardy. At times, some women may suffer from morning sickness throughout the nine months of their pregnancy.

However, in spite of all the associated discomfort and uneasiness, morning sickness might be a blessing in disguise. As per research and scientific studies, morning sickness during pregnancy comes with a lot of benefits which include:

2. Indicative of a healthy pregnancy

It is a well-known fact that during pregnancy there is a rise in the level of certain hormones including HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), oestrogen and progesterone. Even though the exact trigger may be hard to decipher, this elevation in the hormone level is believed to be one of the underlying factors resulting in morning sickness. Thus, morning sickness could be indicative of healthy hormone levels in the body ensuring a safe pregnancy.

Research conducted by The Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto suggests that pregnant women who suffered from morning sickness stand a lower risk (3 times less) of a miscarriage as compared to those who had no morning sickness during their pregnancy.

Morning sickness during pregnancy also goes a long way to lower the risk of birth defects (between 30-80%) or premature birth to an appreciable extent.

For women 35 years and above embracing motherhood, morning sickness can work to their benefit.

In spite of the finding, it should be mentioned that pregnancy sans the morning sickness doesn't necessarily imply a miscarriage. It could mean that you have a better constitution and tolerance level against the rise in the pregnancy hormone level.

2. Higher IQ level

Believe it or not, but the vomiting or nausea during pregnancy can result in a smarter baby with a higher IQ level and mental development. Researchers believe that the pregnancy hormones responsible for the morning sickness probably also have a positive influence on the development of the fetal brain. Further research is being carried out to establish the credibility of this finding.

Some researchers also believe that morning sickness works towards a healthy and safe pregnancy. With all the associated symptoms and discomfort, many women give up on the unhealthy practices including smoking, drinking alcohol or eating unhealthy foods.

However - in spite of the many benefits - women do suffer with an extreme case of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. You need to be more careful if diagnosed with this condition. Characterised by severe vomiting and nausea, hyperemesis gravidarum can give rise to weight loss and a significant loss of electrolytes from the body resulting in dehydration. In such a situation, waste no time and consult your attending physician at the earliest to deal with the situation better.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase which brings in a lot of positive changes in a woman's life. Morning sickness or not, keep stress and tension at bay. Enjoy such a wonderful period as much as possible! 

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