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Why Keratin Treatment Might Actually Be Good For Your Hair

I think every girl wants to look gorgeous with a completely put together outfit, clear skin and amazing hair that looks effortless. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like they stepped out of a Vogue cover?

Hell yeah! We all have the secret desire to look gorgeous but sometimes a lot of people go on the extreme sides to get that perfect look.

For most of us, our hair is a forever mess. And yes, we want to look gorgeous with lush hair and we want to impress our crush and make our friends jealous but unfortunately, that not possible because this isn’t the 1960’s and we have strong shampoos, polluted cities, hair straighteners and curlers, fast food and inadequate sleep with busy work schedules. Who has the time to manage or take care of their hair?

Well, other than celebrities, it isn’t quite possible for us normal human beings who don’t have stylists and a million dollars and have responsibilities and mortgage. It’s kinda frustrating, isn’t it? I mean, even I want to splurge on myself and look like Rihanna every day but that’s just not possible.

Well, thankfully, we have a solution which might burn a small hole into our pocket but it’s kinda worth it, if it lasts us for 3 months or so, am I right? It’s something you’ve heard about quite often but didn’t have the courage to try it out because you didn’t want to damage your frizzy locks any further.

Yes, I’m talking about keratin treatment!

But what exactly is keratin and is the treatment worth it?

Okay, for starters, keratin is a protein which our wonderful body produces. It’s what builds and strengthens and nails and hair.

Keratin is produced in small quantities to sustain and maintain the build-up of cells in the hair and nails but if you are lacking it, your nails start to chip at the slightest pressure and your hair starts getting rough, dry and frizzy. A nightmare!

Keratin treatment is actually quite good for your hair. Since, our body naturally produces keratin, using artificial keratin is helping your hair to strengthen up and fight the damage. This procedure uses keratin, ammonium thioglycolate, glyoxylic acid and silk proteins which bind the hair strands and protect them from damage.

So how does the keratin treatment work?

Well, it’s quite a simple process but it is also quite dull and takes a long time. At Least 3 to 4 hours, so bring something to read along or a friend to chat with; otherwise, you’ll just be dozing off.

Step 1: It starts with a simple procedure of shampooing your frizzy locks.

Step 2: After shampooing, they will not condition your hair and let it air-dry or use the blow dry for a small amount of time to dry out around 80% of your hair.

Step 3: After your hair has dried off, they will apply the artificial keratin on small sections of the hair and keep on doing that, till your entire head is done.

Step 4: They will let the keratin process for 15 minutes and then blow dry your hair again.

Step 5: They will start straightening your hair in tiny sections and this will be the longest step. Also, when they blow dry your hair, the excess product will flake off so don’t worry, it’s not dandruff.

Step 6: After they are done straightening, they will let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash your hair again.

Step 7: After washing your hair again, they will apply keratin sealing serum (yes, that’s a thing) and then blow dry your hair, again!

Phew! After that last step, you will have gorgeous looking hair which will make any model in an ad envious of you!

Yes, it is going to feel like a movie scene. But remember, this is not permanent. This treatment usually wears off in about 3 to 4 months. Although you will feel like a rockstar every minute after this treatment, it is advised to take care of your hair for long lasting results by using assigned shampoo and conditioner and also eating right and protecting your hair from sun and pollution.

So, don’t hesitate and go to your salon and come out feeling like a rockstar!

Have a great hair day, ladies.

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