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Why It Is Okay to Not Be A Perfect Mom 24/7

It is okay to get exhausted!

When you stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself, you hear the voices that dwell in the negative; creeping into the front of your mind at that moment. They whisper your greatest fear – not being a perfect mother to your children, highlight your shortcomings and amplify your self-doubt. Although you are aware that it is best to bury this negativity and ignore the skepticism, you may find yourself unable to do that. But a counter-intuitive approach can be beneficial too. Instead of trying to avoid the fact that you are not a perfect mom or panicking at this realization, you can learn to revel in them. This is because no one is perfect and nobody's born to be a great mother. They all become mothers when their first child is born, continuing to learn and grow as a mother gradually; just as the child grows up simultaneously.

You must come to learn of the fact that the overwhelming pressure that is faced by every mother is less societal and more self-inflicted. A mother typically spends a majority of her free time judging herself, her decisions and actions. She is always worried if she is doing the best she can for the child and if she has somehow repressed the child’s potential. It is solely due to this reason, she spends the rest of her free time defending herself; attacking anyone who questions her style of parenting or tries to force their methods on her. This is because she is enraged upon being questioned rather than being supported.

Take a deep breath and follow your instincts

So, it is all right to not be perfect because no one else is. And (most importantly) while you are not perfect, you are more than a good enough person to see things through beautifully. Being a mother can be one of the most rewarding parts of your life. There can be nothing better than the smiles on your children’s face when they see you in the morning, or when they fit in the space between your shoulders and head when you all snuggle. And the fact that although they adore their father, they prefer you over him. You are their go-to person whenever they need something, are in pain or just want to talk. You may not be a perfect mother, but what does it matter when you have all of that with you? You will make mistakes in the years that will follow, but you will also do a lot of right things. The results of it all will make you a proud mother.

All you have to do is to trust your instincts and love your children with all your heart. When you do that, everything else will fall into place itself and you will prove to be a great mother to great kids.

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