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As a parent, your priority is keeping your child healthy, and you may find it quite challenging to get them to eat healthy, nutritious meals. Like other parents, you may wonder why your child won’t eat all the good food that they should eat so they can be healthy.

Picky eating is a common habit in toddlers and preschoolers, and a common concern for all moms. Mealtime seems like quite a challenge because of a child’s small appetite and their habit of rejecting food. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Comfort Zones

One of the reasons for picky eating during childhood can be because children do not accept new things that easily. Your child has their favourite food, and eating these foods helps them feel comfortable. So even if you put a new, tasty vegetable dish on their plate, they might not readily try it because they are uncertain about new foods.

The Weaning Transition

During the weaning transition as well as after the end of breastfeeding, children are introduced to many new foods. It helps them understand a variety of tastes and textures. This period is an important part of helping your child learn to eat like the rest of the family. As a natural response, they tend to reject new foods. Another common habit you may notice is that your child temporarily has a favourite food, and refuses to eat anything else. They do grow out of this. New foods can make a child unsure. In fact, it takes up to 12 attempts from introducing the food, for a child, to finally ‘liking’ it. In other words, it is normal for your picky eater to not like new food right away, so try being patient.

Learning To Taste Food

For a person to like any food, they have to learn its taste. Adults tolerate tastes as they have experienced and adjusted to them. Children have still not had enough exposure to new tastes, like sour and bitter tastes, and as a result, are less tolerant to them than adults.

As a result of their small but fast-growing bodies, kids need foods that will give them enough energy and nutrition to help them grow and stay healthy. Nutrient dense foods are the best way to give your child maximum nutrition despite their small appetite. But this is not easy if your child has a habit of picky eating. A healthy, nutritious option we found as a solution to this problem, was Nestle CEREGROW. The fortified cereal not only gives your child enough energy but also fulfils their requirements of iron, calcium and Vitamins A, C and D. With the goodness of milk, grains and fruit, a bowl of CEREGROW is the solution to your child’s small appetite and fussy eating, with minimal fuss! To buy it and see for yourself, click here!

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