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benefits of drinking water

“The crow drank the water and flew back home happily!” the story of “The Thirsty Crow” depicts the importance of drinking water that even a crow has to find out a way to quench his thirst by hook or by crook. In our case 70% of our body is made of water this is self-explanatory of the importance of water in the body. A Slovakian proverb educates us on the importance of water for health it says, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine” so let’s see the importance of drinking water.

Table of Contents

1. Importance of Water for the Human Body

2. Importance of Water for Health

3. Importance of Water in our Diet

4. Benefits of Drinking Water

5. Drinking Standards of Water

6. Water Pollution and Purification Solutions

7. Conclusion

1. Importance of Water for the Human Body

benefits of drinking water

Importance of water in the body leads to the next question where does this water get stored? The importance of water in the human body makes it find various means to store it. A peep into cell biology shows that our cells hold 46% of the entire water content and remainder 23% is stored in the form of blood plasma and other body fluids. The real importance of water in the body starts only after quenching our thirst.

‣ Cell life can perform only when it has optimal water in them.

‣ Importance of water in our diet holds its place because the biochemical breakdown of food starts by a hydrolysis reaction in which water is the most important component.

‣ Importance of water for health lies in the mechanism of transporting nutrients to each cell via blood, which has water as a major constituent.

‣ The importance of drinking water holds its value as toxins and waste cannot be expelled through urine without water.

‣ Drinking water is important to maintain body temperature.

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2. Importance of Water for Health

benefits of drinking water

Let’s learn the importance of water for health by seeing what happens when we don’t drink water.

Day 1 without water leads to dark urine due to an accumulation of toxins, lips and mouth turn dry, you feel your hungry when actually you're thirsty.

Day 3 without water and your brain get confused, the body stops excretion of waste, vitamins, minerals and electrolyte loose balance, making you lethargic with muscle spasm, nausea and dramatic increase in heart rate.

Day 5 without water and body shrinks with severe acidity, heartburn and joint pain.

Day 7 without water and brain function is hampered, leading to shut down of organs. Thus, the importance of water in our diet is due to the direct or indirect depends on water for the functioning of the vital system like digestive system, cognitive functions or a heartbeat.

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3. Importance of Water in Our Diet

What is the importance of drinking water daily? Our body goes through the loss of water due to the continuous process of breathing, urination, sweating, excretion. Below is the water diet chart for daily consumption.

Sources of Water in Our Diet

Primary source:

importance of drinking water

Importance of water in the body leads us to the first source that is a clean glass of water.

Secondary source:

tea is a source of water

The importance of water for health can benefit in two ways by consuming liquid nutrients like milk, juices, energy drinks, tea or coffee which fulfils the water and nutrient need at the same time.

Tertiary source:

fruits and veggies have water content

Importance of water in our diet can be achieved by including vegetables and fruits like watermelon, tomatoes, water-apple which has 90% water in them this fills the stomach, retains the water and keeps your weight in check.

Quick tips:

‣ It’s no harm to carry a tracker water bottle to measure water consumption.

‣ Importance of water for health has given way to many innovative apps to track daily water intake.

‣ Carry slices of fruits like watermelon, lemons, limes, or oranges include water in our diets.

‣ Intermittently keep replenishing the body with energy drinks, tea, coffee and juices.

‣ Check the option of alkaline water purifiers which aims to achieve all the benefits of drinking water in the right way.

Additional Info:

The importance of water for health is seen in this Japanese water therapy. The rule is simple, drink 4 glasses of water just after waking up, after brushing your teeth, wait for 45 min before consuming water or food. After each meal do not drink water for the next 2 hours. Benefits of drinking water the Japanese way is getting rid of body aches, headaches, excess body fat, epilepsy, piles, menstrual problems, healthy heart, etc.

Spiritual effects:

A book by Dr Marusu Emoto, “ The Hidden Messages in Water” is a good read for knowing that while you take each sip of water have positive and happy thoughts this will work miracles for mind, body and soul.

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4. Benefits of Drinking Water

importance of drinking water

A feeling of thirst occurs when water loss is equal to 1% of your body weight. The following is the reminder of the importance of water in the body at regular intervals.

‣ Drinking water helps to flush toxins out of the body.

‣ Improves complexion

‣ The major importance of water for health come from its nature to help lose weight.

‣ Lubricates joints, hence water is important for human body.

‣ A major benefit of drinking water is regulation of brain function.

‣ Drinking water avoids kidney stones.

‣ Water is important in our diet as it regulates the digestive system, avoiding heartburn and constipation.

‣ Importance of water in the body is experienced in the form of maintaining blood pressure.

‣ Water becomes important for health in our day to day life as it releases stress and reduces headaches.

‣ If you do heavy exercises, travel in the hot climate, on heavy medications, in case of pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers keep in mind the importance of drinking water more than the regular amount.

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5. Drinking Water Standards

importance of drinking water

Many countries have an administrative framework which decides the drinking water standards to derive benefits of drinking water.

‣ Indian standard for drinking water is decided as per BIS(Bureau of Indian Standards) which was drawn up in 1983.

‣ For the countries which do not have such administrative bodies WHO publishes a guideline to follow.

‣ Boiling your tap water is not enough before drinking, boiling water just kills germs, not pesticides and metals.

‣ The best way is adding a layer of purifier just before we consume.

Apart from the UV filters, the new alkaline filter understands the importance of water for health. The human body has a blood pH of 7.365 which has to be maintained, but the food we consume pushes our body into acidic pH which in turn cause many other health hazards alkaline water introduces higher pH into body bringing it back to the natural stable state and holds to the importance of water for health.

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6. Water Pollution and Purification Solution:

importance of drinking water

Water is known as and “universal solvent,” and can dissolve a range of substances in it this property of water leads to water pollution. Our two important sources of water face water pollution hazards.

1. Groundwater:

As per world bank reports India is the largest user of groundwater in the world that means our 60% of agriculture and 85% of drinking water supplies come from the aquifers.

A 1995 survey by the Central Pollution Control Board identified 22 sites in 16 states as critical for groundwater pollution due to industrial effluents and municipal waste in water bodies.

2. Surface Water:

‣ There are four major surface water resources in India rivers, lakes, ponds and tanks.

‣ Around 80% of our surface water pollution occurs due to domestic sewage.

‣ Other water pollution elements being industrial waste, improper agricultural practices and religious practices.

‣ The mass bathing, immersing Puja waste in plastic bags is a major cause of water pollution in India.

‣ The worst factor of water pollution is cremation of dead bodies near the rivers where numerous cases of partially dead bodies being flung into the river have occurred.

‣ Ganga which holds so many religious sentiments, yet it’s the river affected the most by water pollution numerous plans under “Save Ganga” movements have been conducted with no significant results.

importance of drinking water

3. Effects of water drinking polluted water

‣ Vomiting and nausea are the immediate effects of drinking polluted water.

‣ Skin rashes.

‣ Waterborne diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Jaundice follow.

Long-term effects of contaminated water results in cancer, reproductive problems like infertility, developmental problems like learning disabilities result with a prolonged consumption of polluted water


A changed mindset of every citizen stringent administrative body is a one stop solution, but this solution will need a miracle to see the daylight.

The other solution comes from people who have achieved a solution in the true sense.

India’s own Waterman, Mr Rajendra Singh has won the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize – an award known as “The Nobel prize for water” along with the help of villagers in Rajasthan has built 8,600 johads (Traditional earthen dams) to get water back to 1000 villages in a span of two decades, several rivers replenished which increased the forest cover and antelopes, leopards started returning to forest.

importance of drinking water

Mr.Fahad Al-Attiya brings to light the increasing demand of water in his home country Qatar and how desalination can be achieved with solar energy in near future.

An Instant solution by Mr.Michael Pritchard proposed how to make the most revolting water drinkable in seconds in 2009 by a bottle designed to be called as Lifesaver, the motivation behind his research was the need of clean drinking water during natural calamities like Tsunami, floods, etc. This solution offers clean drinking water at the point of occurrence even if water is highly polluted people don’t have to wait for hours before help arrives. I can only imagine a better scenario for people if this solution was implemented during our Kerala flood crises.

7. Conclusion

The importance of water to humans can be understood easily if you read through this list of wars fought where water played a trigger. A clear conscience and honest change is the immediate help we all can get if we do our bit to avoid water pollution after knowing the importance of water for health.

So today, when you hold that glass of water in your hand, don’t take it for granted because the importance of water in the body is equivalent to life in our body.

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