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Why Is It Important To Detox Your House?

A clean and tidy home reduces stress and improves the mental health, thereby improving the quality of life. Imagine the pleasure of walking into a clean home at the end of the day or walking into a clean kitchen in the morning while rushing to work. Both instances are stress-relieving and extremely soothing. The opposite of such situations i.e. living or thriving in the dirty environment can be stressful, unhealthy and aggravating. Especially when it comes to your kids it becomes a really important task to detox your house. It’s pretty much an accepted fact that kids touch the floor all day long. From crawling to sitting, playing to rolling around — hanging out on the floor is what kids do. Despite the best of intentions, kids eat stuff off the floors too. The average home contains 500-1,000 chemicals, many of which we are unable to see, smell or taste. While these chemicals may be tolerated individually and in small doses, problems can arise when one is exposed to them in larger doses. Everyone’s tolerance level is different depending on genetics, nutritional status and previous contacts with many chemicals. 

Invisible threats

We spend a lot of our time indoors and indoor air can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air, containing over 900 chemicals, particles and biological materials. The floor in front of the kitchen sink contains more bacteria per square inch than the garbage can! In fact, there are twice as many bacteria on the kitchen floor. Indoor pollutants can be naturally occurring, such as fungal spores from damp spots on walls and window frames or even from decaying food. Fungii is likely to cause more problems in homes with little or no ventilation. Further indoor pollution may come from pollen brought in from outside either through open windows or on shoes and clothes. Toxins can be found in many everyday cleaning products including air fresheners, carpet cleaners, polish and oven cleaners, and can trigger asthma. Many of the cleaning products we use to clean our furniture, bathrooms, windows etc. are full of toxic chemicals, some of which do not even appear on the labels. This is the same case with personal-care products we put on our skin and the pet-care products we use on our pets.

The bottom line

Ignoring the dust bunnies behind your couch might be a little harder to do once you know what’s actually in them. The chemicals arrive on your feet (take your shoes off at the door) through windows and doors and from products inside your home that “shed” chemicals with use. 

To prevent dust we have to mop floors and wipe down furniture with a wet cotton or microfiber cloth. To effectively detox your home, you have to be more careful about what home products you buy. This means looking past the colourful appearances and smell of the next floor cleaner or room freshener you buy. We have to find products that are actually green (environment-friendly) both for us and our homes. This is precisely why we, at Tinystep have come up with a wonderful natural floor cleaner. It is a natural product, free from any kind of chemical and has a wonderful fragrance. All it contains are Neem extracts, Vinegar, Baking soda and food grade preservatives. I am cleaning my house and kitchen for 2 weeks now with Tinystep Floor cleaner and it works like magic. It leaves a wonderful natural aroma in my house and everyone just happens to love it. Click here to buy this floor cleaner now! 


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