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Why Is Fiber So Important For Pregnant Women?

fiber for pregnant women

As we talk about diet for pregnant women, there are certain elements which need to be considered in the must-have list. Not because they are just healthy, but because they prevent many complications and keep your overall health under check.

Fibre during pregnancy is an interesting element to explore through because one question we hear from every pregnant woman is what to take for constipation while pregnant! Let us discuss fiber foods for pregnancy today, and ponder through some of the major fibre foods for pregnancy.

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How Is Fiber Beneficial For Pregnant Women?

Constipation During Pregnancy - A Major Concern

Fibre For Pregnant Women And How They Can Consume It!

How Is Fiber Beneficial For Pregnant Women?

Fiber rich foods are the best friends of a pregnant woman. You ask why and how? Here, we have all the good reasons, why you must include fiber during pregnancy and how will it help you tackle your health issues easily.

According to American Pregnancy Association, a daily intake of 25 to 30 grams of fiber will maintain your digestive system in such a way, that you will never suffer from a deficiency of fiber during pregnancy. It is not only good to buzz away constipation during pregnancy, but are also helpful in maintaining a lower blood pressure.

Diet for pregnant women must include fiber in one of the six small meals because it is a blood thinner which helps in removal of clots in the blood. Thereby, it prevents any chances of high blood pressure as well as major issues like cardiac arrest or angina pectoris.

A soluble fiber is the one which gets partially dissolved in body’s water content. It helps in proper absorption of sugar and also release the glucose wherever there is a demand for energy. It maintains a feeling of fullness and prevents you from overeating.

There is another category of fiber called as the insoluble ones and as the name says, it doesn’t mix with water content of body. Instead, it helps in the movement of digested as well as undigested food through the intestine and helps in tackling constipation during pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is a condition which is fatal and is developed as a result of high blood pressure. But, careful intake of recommended fiber for pregnant women will reduce the risks like these.

Constipation During Pregnancy - A Major Concern

Pregnancy is a phase where there is a constant battle going on between things you should eat and things you want to eat. Isn’t it? And one of the most uncomfortable days are when you have constipation.

You wouldn’t believe, but constipation for more than three days leads to accumulation of toxins in your body, even if it is in slightest of amounts. But unfortunately, it is not recommended to consume a lot of chemical laxatives in pregnancy, because that might have side effects.

Constipation should be taken care of at early stage of pregnancy because the increase in progesterone level will relax the smooth muscles of your body ultimately causing irregular or reduced bowel movement. And this, causes constipation during pregnancy.

And if you think this is an early pregnancy issue, then let us make it clear, it is not. If constipation during early pregnancy is not cured, then your rectum will face pressure due to increased size of your uterus. Hence, naturally the problem will get worse and stool passing will be a difficulty for you.

Taking the frequent recurrence of constipation lightly will lead to diarrhea, stool with mucus or blood, and also abdominal pain sometimes. Straining too much while passing the stool will increase the chances of haemorrhoids. An increased amount of rectal bleeding can sometimes cause dizziness, reduced blood content, and also anemia.

Fibre For Pregnant Women And How They Can Consume It!

Now, that we all know how beneficial are fibers for pregnant women, we shouldn’t delay in providing the list of food one can consider including in the diet for pregnant women. Without any doubt, fiber during pregnancy is an inevitable part and one must consume at least 21 grams of fiber on daily basis.

Here are some fiber-rich foods which can act as stool softener for pregnant ladies!

‣ Bran cereals are the best fiber for pregnant women because it clears your intestine like no other laxative. In fact, many artificial laxatives have the extract of bran cereal. You can very well munch it with your ice cream and mix with yogurt for better taste.

‣ All types of beans, lentils, and legumes are good fiber for pregnant women because it not only increases the mucus content of gut but also prevents the formation of hard stools. You can sprout them and have salads every evening, and mixing them with pasta will also be a good idea. Moreover, you can create hummus by making a combination of ingredients and that will serve the purpose too.

‣ What else can be a better fiber for pregnant women than a broccoli? We have heard of pizzas topped with them and also stir-fried snacks. Why not include these fibers during pregnancy and enjoy the taste as well as an improved digestive system!

‣ We are sure you wouldn’t say no to this! We almonds are also a part of food that fall under fibers during pregnancy. You can have 5 at a time and twice in a day. You are free to include them in your diet in any way you want but make sure to have them regularly. The almond oil smoothens the bowel movement.

‣ Pumpkins have a lot of roughage that can act as one of the best fibers for pregnant women. And the best part is, you can make varieties using pumpkin that will soothe your taste buds. You can make pancakes, pies, salads, soups out of pumpkin slurry, and lot of tasty curries with your bread. It relieves constipation during pregnancy within 18 hours of consumption.

‣ Pears are an obvious choice when it comes to having fiber during pregnancy. The gritty texture will mix with your digested food and optimize it for smooth passage through your intestines. You can make them a part of your daily fruit combination and you can also add it to you cereals.

‣ Pickled cabbage is what every pregnant woman will love when asked to take fibers during pregnancy, isn’t it? It has tangy flavour and produces enough acid to digest your food properly and help in the smooth movement of the same. You can make sandwiches out of it using brown bread, add it as salad dressing, and also use it has a dip.

‣ Who wouldn’t frown if we didn’t include banana as a recommended fibers for pregnant women? Since time immemorial, people are using bananas as an ultimate and fool-proof solution to constipation. Obviously, the more than enough mucus content has to be a reason behind it. And when we say banana, you can dive into its yummy smoothies and also make custards for a change.

‣ You will be amazed to know about this ingredient that we are having next! Spaghetti! Yes, but whole grain spaghetti. You can try all sorts of pastas using this and enjoy the fibers during pregnancy.

‣ Oranges are also recommended as fibers for pregnant women because they have this amazing amount of roughage below the rind and you will also love its taste. You can make juice out of it, but we would suggest you to eat it whole without removing those white strands.

‣ Blueberries can also be a dependable fiber for pregnant women because they have good fiber content when taken whole, just like an orange. Make juice or make it a part of your regular fruit salad. Also, you can have its unfiltered juice, besides it should not contain seeds.

Thus, now that we know about all these fiber foods for pregnancy, it is important to consider adding them in diet for pregnant women. We highly recommend you to pass on this information to any of your friends, acquaintances or family members who are expecting a child.

Not only this, you must start feeding your baby with fiber-rich food in order to maintain his/her healthy digestive system. We are all ears to your suggestions on this topic, so please feel free to let our readers know about your experience with constipation during pregnancy.

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