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Why Inquiry-Based Learning Is Ideal For Your Preschooler

inquiry based learning

As a parent, we want the best for our children. The first few years are crucial for their cognitive development. Preschools play a significant role in inculcating curiosity in children as the educators closely work with the children to make them learn different things by connecting them to the lessons and allowing them to think deeply about the teaching.

Young children love to ask questions. When they pose questions and investigate the answers, they feel in charge of their own learning. Inquiry-based approaches to learning; harnesses this very spirit of investigation. It also creates an interesting, engaging and meaningful curriculum that uses children’s interests and questions as a starting point for effective learning.

The Principle Behind Inquiry-Based Learning

inquiry based learning

Unlike other educational systems which require memorization of the concepts, inquiry-based learning system helps the children to investigate the problem, understand the conceptual data and apply a realistic solution to such issues.

This modern learning system works on four steps:

1. Questioning And Inquiring To Build Lessons:

The educator allows the student to inquire and wonder about a big idea and begin the session by asking questions which helps the children to dig deeper about the big idea and come up with questions. Through such a question-answer session, the concept is combined to form a lesson which is more comfortable for the children to understand, apply in real life and clears any misconception.

2. Investigation To Get Connected With More Information:

The next step to question session is investigating about the big idea to discover more. Finding out more things relevant to the big idea through photographs, artefacts, literature, etc.

3. Present The Investigating Data For Confidence Boost:

After an investigation on the big idea, the students are asked to present their investigation data to the teacher and the students. This develops confidence and makes him positive towards criticism if faced from the peer group.

4. Reflecting The Presentations Made By Themselves And Other Students:

The students then reflect on their performance to improvise and on other facts presented by other students to dive deeper into the understanding of the lesson.

Why Inquiry-Based Learning Is Best For Your Child

Your child will benefit from inquiry-based learning in many ways. Here are the top seven benefits of sending a child for inquiry-based learning sessions:

1. They think and try to discover new things (for example, the meaning of the new words) about the lessons being taught in the classroom.

2. They become accountable for the presentation of their data.

3. They take complete charge of understanding their teachings by participating actively in question and answer session.

4. Inquiry-based learning helps in forming a strong basic foundation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math).

5. The authentic way of solving problems will be helpful to them in their future.

6. Inquiry-based learning connects the child with other students in the classroom thus developing social and connectivity skills which are of the highest importance in the 21st century.

7. Engaging in imaginative activities makes them fearless, confident and gives them the ability to express themselves better.

Inquiry-based learning allows the children to learn new lessons by making them feel like they are playing rather than teacher focused teaching where children lose their interest in the classroom sessions. The freedom in the classroom allows the children to engage better with the books, thus performing better not only in classes but also in personal life.

It is always best to choose a preschool that believes in inquiry-based learning rather than traditional schooling methods where it is a one-way communication. KLAY Preschools and Daycare is one such reputed preschool where the teachers encourage inquiry-based learning. KLAY’s curriculum is geared to establish a solid foundation in language, math and general awareness through inquiry based learning. This helps ensure that your child gets the best possible education. So, what are you waiting for? Inquire about KLAY admissions today.

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