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Why Does Your Belly Button Pop Out During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of experiences be it funny or weird. Your hormones and your body are changing themselves and it is fueling you with the mommy body. Once you progress into your second trimester, you’ll begin to experience the wonders of pregnancy.

Your baby bump finally grows, your baby begins moving in your belly, he begins responding to your touch and a lot of other things. You must have also noticed that your belly button kind of looks like it is protruding outwards. You might freak out a little bit because it can be visible over your clothes and you might feel conscious about it.

So, why does the belly button pop out during pregnancy?

This happens because there is a little human growing inside your womb. The fetus transforms into a baby over the course of pregnancy and it grows in size. To accommodate this change in size, the uterus pushes the abdomen outwards. This further pushes the belly button outwards making it look like a little hood on the belly button.

How to handle a popped out belly button?

It is not possible to predict when exactly the belly button pops out, but it for sure happens to every woman at some point in the time during her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this change cannot be avoided. A popped out belly button is harmless and there’s nothing you should get worried about.

If you feel itchy and uncomfortable, it could be because of the friction caused by your clothes rubbing against your skin. Use products like tummy sleeves or tummy shapers to keep it protected.

Will my belly button go back to its normal shape?

Yes, it goes back to its normal position and shape a few months after your delivery. It might look a little stretched out and a slightly wrinkly. But hey!! It’s like a badge of motherhood, so wear it with pride.

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