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Why Does My Baby Fall Asleep While Breastfeeding

Does your baby fall asleep too often while breastfeeding? Is it worrying you to see that your baby isn’t feeding on your breastmilk so much. Are you anxious that your baby is falling asleep instead of getting enough nourishment? If you’re facing a problem like this, you’ve come to the right place.   

So why does your baby fall asleep?

Babies have a natural tendency to fall asleep during the process of breastfeeding. This happens a lot during the first few weeks after birth and it could last for a month. It is natural that it will bother you a lot as your little one isn’t drawing nourishment, from you.

Also, you may think that your baby might remain hungry just because he was asleep. Some babies like sleeping a little more than the other babies and since breastfeeding is a calming activity, so they just fall asleep!

Afterall, breastmilk is a heavy meal and who wouldn’t fall asleep after having such a heavy meal.

How to keep your baby from falling asleep?

Babies are sleepyheads at least during the initial few weeks. So you need to establish a lot of skin to skin contact and voice to keep the baby awake. Your baby is going to try to understand your scent and recognize your voice so that even half asleep, he can drink breast milk.

Keep the room lit, but not too much that it would become difficult for your baby to see. Not too dim also that it puts your baby into slumber.

Keep talking to your baby in a soft and a gentle voice and massage or stroke the head or the feet gently so that the baby is awake and drinking enough breast milk.

Lift your baby in a vertical position and hold steady and speak to them softly. Try to hum tunes or speak to them so that they don’t drift off to a nap.

How to know if your baby is hungry?

A baby generally cries when he’s hungry or wants to be fed. But the other signs are like :

Your baby will make suckling sounds even while he’s asleep.

He will toss and turn feeling restless although he may be sleeping. Suddenly you’ll see his eyes flutter and that’s your cue to know that your baby is hungry.

Moreover, he might move his head side to side in search of your breast because he needs some milk. 

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