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Why Do You Feel Nauseous Even After Childbirth?

It’s no news that pregnant women experience nausea from time to time but this bout of morning sickness doesn’t end with childbirth for some women. Postpartum nausea is something that can last for almost 8 weeks after giving birth, irrespective of whether it is a natural birth or C-section delivery.

A Few common reason why you may not hold down your food even after giving birth are:


The chances of a breastfeeding mum being dehydrated are very high. Because of the loss of essentials nutrients due to dehydration, it could result in nausea. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day and also try to make juices, shakes and other liquids a part of your everyday diet.

Production of oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that is released by your brain during breastfeeding. This serves a number of purposes like allowing your baby to obtain breast milk from your breasts, shrinking your uterus after childbirth and much more. Nausea due to the release of this hormone is pretty common among new moms but it won’t last for long periods of time.

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency after delivery is generally due to blood loss during childbirth that is not compensated by eating iron-rich foods. Anemia is known to cause nausea so make your haemoglobin levels are in check and if needed you may be prescribed iron supplements by your doctor.

Hormonal changes

After the numerous hormonal and physical changes your body goes through during pregnancy, it will need some time for recovery to get back to its old self. You can’t expect an overnight change. During this process of self-recovery, one may experience nausea among other things.

Postpartum nausea is nothing to worry about but if it persists for longer than 8 weeks or if it’s too extreme to deal with, seek medical help. 

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