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Why Do Babies Cry When Left Alone? Know the Reasons

Babies are fragile little beings who have just recently started seeing the actual world. Everything they do and everything they are is just a beginning of their world and it will take time for it to grow. At this crucial juncture, the one person that the baby gets completely dependent and attached to is the mother. This attachment gets to such extents that the baby just cannot stay even a second without seeing the mother. And as a result, they start crying. This phenomenon is what we call separation anxiety. Yes, anxiety is something that can happen in little babies as well. And so, it is important for you to identify the symptoms of this separation anxiety. By knowing the symptoms you will be able to easily understand why your little one starts crying so much. And to help you identify these symptoms, we have made a list of them. 

1. Disturbance in sleep

One common thing that has been seen in babies who have a slightly more separation anxiety is that they often wake up in the middle of their own sleep and immediately start crying when they can’t see you right in front of them. This is a major reason why your night sleep time is so bad. You will just have to make them sleep right with you for a certain amount of time till they grow up.

2. Baby is uncomfortable with everyone except you

Another symptom of babies suffering from separation anxiety is that the moment you give them to someone else to hold even for just a minute, they start crying. They are just not ready to be with anyone else except you. In a bit more severe cases, it so happens that they start crying even when their own dad holds them. In this way, it is important that you gradually help them get familiar to other people. 

3. Not sleeping without your presence

Another problem that has been seen quite often with children who have separation anxiety is that they just don’t sleep without your presence. Even if they wake up in the middle of their sleep, they need you to be there with them throughout no matter what. And if for some reason you pass it on to your husband to make sure that your little one sleeps then that might agitate them even more and they might end up crying even harder.

4. If you don’t play with them then they won’t play at all

All of a sudden they might just stop playing with their favourite toy and would cry even if you try to give it to them. This can be a symptom of separation anxiety which means that it’s not the toy they don’t want but they actually want to play with you. And for whatever reason, if you don’t play with them then they will not play at all. So, the only option that’s left for you is that you need to take out some time to play with them. And then you can gradually reduce the play time. Another good option would be to help them make friends.

5. Getting sad or crying when left alone

Even if you go to the washroom or even to just get a glass of water and leave your little one alone, they might end up crying. This too is a symptom of separation anxiety. They will either get sad, start crying or just try to reach you somehow no matter if they can do it or not. This symptom takes immense care and requires the fact that you gradually help them stay alone or even with someone else. 

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