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It is quite difficult to understand a newborn baby because he cannot share his troubles with you. He cannot even tell you if he’s hungry or in pain. Your newborn has new experiences every day! Some of which are good and some that are bad.

One of the reasons parents get upset is when their baby cries in the evening. The baby becomes so restless that it worries the parents! Afterall, your baby is the part and parcel of your life, why wouldn’t you feel sad seeing him upset!

Here’s why your baby might be feeling upset:

1.He wants to roam around

His mind probably feels like seeing new things. Just like the way your surroundings make you feel monotonous sometimes, babies too feel like looking at new things. Just like us, babies too like open spaces and fresh breeze. It is important that you take your baby out for a stroll often! 

2. When there’s a change in the routine

Keep a fixed schedule for your baby. In case you’re taking him out for a stroll every evening, continue to do so. A change in the regular routine may upset him. If it rains outside and you cannot take him out, distract him so that his mind will be at peace and rested.

3.Baby is hungry

In the evening, just the way the elders feel like eating something light, your baby also gets hungry and therefore he cries. So make sure you breastfeed your infant at regular intervals.

4. Internal problems

Sometimes it so happens that babies cry too much after breastfeeding or after walking out. If your infant is doing something like this then it may be due to the physical pain like stomach ache, fever or something else. Take the infant to the doctor in case you’re unable to handle it.

5. Changing weather patterns

Sometimes the baby starts crying in the evening due to a sudden change in the weather. Either it is too cold or too hot. Especially in the middle of the night there could be many changes and therefore your baby may not be able to bear those changes, so they start crying.

How to soothe your baby?

1.Let your baby move around in the evening and let them enjoy the whiff of the fresh breeze.

2.If you are unable to take the baby out every day, then ensure that you play with him in the evening and cheer him up.

3.Keep checking his diaper as the baby's diaper becomes wet often. It causes discomfort as it gives the baby’s soft little bummy rashes. He could be crying due to the discomfort.

4.Be sure to breastfeed in the evening, as babies often cry when they’re hungry.  

If you take care of all these things then you will understand the reason for your child's crying at some point in the evening and will be able to take action.

Apart from this, do not worry and do not worry because every baby has its own distinct sense. Maybe your baby does not cry like the other infants, instead of crying day or night. So, there is no need to panic as you just need to pay close attention to your baby.

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