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Why Dads Deserve Their Own Day!



Parenthood is life-changing. As parents, you go through so many different lessons while raising your kids. Some lessons you teach them and some lessons you learn from them. That’s what makes parenting amazing isn’t it? It’s a journey filled with beautiful experiences.

Children need both - their moms and dads, and they definitely see both these people as the most important people in the world. Mother’s day was celebrated a month ago, and now, it’s father’s day! A time to appreciate our fathers and father figures just as much as we appreciate our mothers on mother’s day. Because while we do make a huge celebration out of mother’s day, we may not do as much on father’s day, while we should treat both these days equally, and cherish both our heroes every single day!

Being a dad is just as difficult as being a mom. But both moms and dads always try their best, and that’s what we’ll celebrate this father’s day - our dads giving us their best efforts, always ensuring that we are safe and taken care of, happy and healthy.

Dads often learn a lot about being a dad from their kids. They become a dad as soon as they hold their child, but the lessons about parenthood keep coming and they get better and better at being dads everyday.

The moments dads have with their kids are an adorable sight. Whether it comes to playing with them or trying to help by doing some of mom’s tasks, dads who put in an effort are dads who can be appreciated!

And now that the talk is about father’s day, we can’t help but look at some adorable dad moments!

Shah Rukh Khan’s message for his wife Gauri and daughter Suhana was heartwarming, and will make you grab the wipes to dry your eyes! While sharing an image of the two, he spoke about the importance of a mother.

Photo: Instagram @iamsrk

He wrote “Was reading and came across this line....’ Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother’ and then this picture of the ladies...sach hi hai!!”

This message is one that speaks volumes of truth. What’s more, SRK seems to behold his family this way, and that’s adorable! Appreciating the parenting skills of his partner and the growth of his daughter are things every father should do. A dad taking the time to step back for a moment, and look at the ones he loves most is a simple and beautiful moment. All dads probably do the same thing - appreciate their family as they watch the children grow and the mother be an important part of their world. After all, what Shah Rukh said isn’t untrue either - a mother’s guidance is actually like a manual that helps us deal with life.

In terms of adorable father moments, our beloved Indian team captain is not far behind either. His daughter Ziva Dhoni is seen at matches, along with her mother, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi Dhoni. The duo cheer for him as he leads his teams to victory.

What was adorable was the picture Dhoni shared on his Instagram handle after he lead his IPL team Chennai Super Kings to the 2018 IPL title.

Photo: Instagram @mahi7781

Holding the trophy with one arm and daughter Ziva with the other, the Dhoni family is seen basking in the IPL glory, but according to his caption, his little toddler thinks otherwise. “Ziva doesn’t care about the trophy. She wants to run on the lawn…,” he says, joking about how little children have their own priorities like playtime.

Dhoni himself stated in interviews that having his daughter has changed him - he admits that raising a daughter while also handling his hectic cricket career has not been the easiest thing, but his daughter clearly idolises him, as she wants to watch his matches and cheer for him when he plays.

Apart from her presence at matches, Ziva makes an appearance on Dhoni’s Instagram as well - with a video of Dhoni performing fatherly duties from grooming her hair to keeping her entertained with Snapchat filters.

Seeing a dad and their kid bond is a truly beautiful sight. It fills one’s heart with warmth and makes us realise that our dads are always there for us - they may not be standing in the center of our life, but they’re watching us from the sidelines, waiting to come save the day, if and when we need them. Father’s day is not the only day of the year to appreciate yous superhero! 

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