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Why Babies Rub Their Eyes And How To Prevent It?

With babies around, Free or "Me Time" is only a distant dream. They are always up to something or the other. Many, if not all, babies have a habit of rubbing their eyes. While the habit may appear cute, there could be a reason behind them rubbing their eyes. It could be their way of expressing something to you. Here is a guide emphasizing on why kids rub their eyes along with some of the measures that you can practice to help them overcome the habit without any hassle.

Irritation and eye discomfort triggered by dust or similar particles entering the eyes is one of the most obvious reasons behind babies rubbing their eyes. In such a situation, it is natural for the eyes to appear red (swelling can also be there in some instances). Immediately stop the baby from rubbing their eyes (as rubbing may aggravate the discomfort). Take a clean and soft cloth or sterilized cotton, soak it in water and gently squeeze it over the affected eye(s). The water from the cloth/ cotton will aid in removing the dust particle effortlessly. Wait for some time, if the irritation or the redness persists, waste no time and consult your attending physician at the earliest.

Rubbing the eyes could also be indicative of dry eyes or an eye infection. In case of an eye infection, it is mainly the irritation that makes them rub the eyes. On the other hand, rubbing the eyes go a long way to keep the dry eyes moist thereby providing the baby with some relief. While a host of home remedies are available which may produce fruitful results (especially in the case of dry eyes), it makes sense to consult a doctor first. The use of some ointments and eye drops are sure to improve the condition significantly.

Babies often rub their eyes when they are tired and sleepy. In addition to the eye rubbing, there will also be constant yawning and some fussiness. When sleepy, the eyes also appear tired. Rubbing the eyes plays an instrumental role in soothing the tired eye muscles. As obvious, all you need to do is take the baby to a quiet room and cradle or rock them off to sleep. With a sound sleep, your baby will be back on track, all smiling and cheerful.

Some babies are also found to rub their eyes out of excitement at watching something enthralling. I am sure most of us have at some point in time closed our eyes or rubbed them just to enjoy the strange patterns that appear due to this. Your child is no different either. The best way out in this case is to keep your tiny tot busy and distracted with other games and distractions. 

Additionally, be a little alert and try and keep the baby's hands away from their face. You can also use the baby shirts that are readily available in the market to keep their tiny hands covered. With some patience and interesting distractions (games, fun activities, toys), your baby will give up on the habit sooner or later.

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