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Why Aren't You Able To Lose Weight?

You might be doing everything you can - Going for a walk and resisting the tempting foods but it still feels like you’re not losing any weight. Or even if you did lose a few kgs in the beginning, the whole process might’ve slowed down all of a sudden. It can be so frustrating when you’re giving it your all but can’t see any visible results so here are a few reasons why you might not be losing as much weight as you expected

1. Binge eating

You might be eating all the right foods but in the wrong quantity. It’s important that you don’t binge eat even on healthy snacks because you’re just increasing the calorie intake. If you binge eat once it could ruin a week’s worth of dieting.

2. Cheat meals > Cheat days

Most of the people who diet have cheat days where it’s like one day in a week where they can let go off the diet and eat whatever their heart desires. So you stuff your mouth with all the sweets and junk food that comes across your way. A better alternative is to have two cheat meals a week where you can have what you want for two meals anytime in a week but compensate the next day by getting a little more workout in.

3. Coffee, Teas and everything hot or cold

You have your food in check but do you have your beverages intake in check? Every spoon of sugar that goes in your coffee, tea, and juices all count. Fruit and veggie juices are healthy and all but they still have sugar in them which will make it harder for you keep your weight in check.

4. Not enough sleep

Sleeping is not just important for your physical and mental health, it also helps in reducing or at least maintaining your weight. Studies show that people with poor sleeping habits have almost 50% more chances of being obese.

5. Dehydrated

Drinking water will help you burn more calories and will also fill your tummy which will stop you from eating all kinds of junk. Every Time you feel hungry, it’s a good habit to drink a little water. So don’t deny yourself water for fears of feeling bloated (Which is not true, by the way).

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