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Why Are Kidney Beans Great For Pregnant Women?

During pregnancy, the diet of a pregnant woman becomes crucial. Certain foods stuff such as papaya, even though healthy, should be strictly avoided during pregnancy. Likewise, there are many superfoods which are known to benefit a pregnant woman and her child to an appreciable extent. One such healthy food item that should be consumed more during pregnancy is the Kidney Beans. A rich source of proteins, antioxidants, iron, fibre, kidney beans comes with immense health benefits such as: 

Rich in amino acids and Proteins:

As is known to many, the protein intake during pregnancy is around 70 grams/day. While there is a myriad of protein-rich foods available, a 1 1/2 cup of kidney beans is good enough to meet your protein requirements. The role of proteins in the proper growth and development of the baby is known to all and sundry. The kidney beans are also laden with almost all the essential amino acids that work wonders to strengthen the immune system of both the mother and the child, thereby providing a better and stronger resistance against various infections and diseased conditions.

Helps fight anaemia and iron deficiency:

During pregnancy, many women suffer from anaemia and iron deficiency. While medicines and iron supplements are there, most doctors recommend enriching the diet with iron-rich foods. Kidney beans are an excellent source of iron and play a pivotal role in replenishing and enhancing the haemoglobin level in the body thereby reducing the incidences of cognitive abnormalities in the baby. The consumption of kidney beans during pregnancy also plays an instrumental role in ensuring the proper development of the placenta.

Takes care of the bile acids:

An increased build-up of bile acids in the body (intestine) can worsen the morning sickness triggering nausea, vomiting, and a host of other related complications. The kidney beans are abundant in dietary fibres which contribute towards eliminating the bile acids from the body.

Laden with dietary fibre, kidney beans also helps to alleviate some of the digestive problems, especially constipation and gas, which many women encounter during pregnancy.

Maintains the cholesterol level:

Elevated cholesterol level (Hypercholesterolemia) for a prolonged period during pregnancy can give rise to a host of complications including hypertension. The intake of high-fibre kidney beans helps to maintain the cholesterol level within the healthy range thereby minimizing the chances of any extreme complications (triggered by hypercholesterolemia) during pregnancy.

A powerhouse of antioxidants:

Laden with natural antioxidants, kidney beans keep the skin fresh, healthy and glowing during pregnancy. Further, the antioxidants present in kidney beans also contributes to lower the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Rich in copper:

Kidney beans are rich in copper, a mineral that is vital to increase or accelerate the enzymatic activities of the body. In addition to the repair of the damaged tissues, these enzymatic activities also ensure that the elasticity of the blood vessels, joints, and ligaments (necessary for a smooth and hassle-free delivery) is properly maintained.

Kidneys beans are also laden with magnesium, a mineral that goes a long way to help relax the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves, thereby providing relief from pregnancy-related fatigue and tiredness.

Kidney beans are rich in phytohemagglutinin and purines. While unlimited intake of phytohemagglutinin can adversely affect the cellular metabolism in an individual, the problems of kidney stones and gout can surface due to an increased intake of purines. Thus, to enjoy the benefits of kidney beans during pregnancy, consume it in moderation. 

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