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Why And When You Should Feed Coconut Water To Your Baby

When you have been either breastfeeding or formula feeding your child for some time you start to consider notching things up a little bit. A good alternative is coconut water. Coconut water is a natural source of the necessary supplements that are required by the baby. It is nothing short of a wonder tonic that is not only refreshing but provides the little one with instant energy. Because of its lauric acid contents, coconut water is a complete food for babies. Lauric acid is used by the baby’s body to form monolaurin compound that helps in fighting against the diseases. Hence, coconut water is recommended for babies and nursing mothers as well.

When To Feed?

The expert recommendation is to give the coconut water to babies after they are 6 months of age. You can give it to them between 6 to 8 months when they start eating solid food. Coconut water is preferred instead of coconut flesh or chunks as it has incredible health benefits. Other than enhancing aroma, taste, and flavour, it also aids digestion. Coconut water can be added to rice, or mashes and purees, in order to give it to the baby. You can also boil vegetables in coconut water and mash them.

Benefits For Babies

1. Rehydration:

Babies and infants keep on playing all day and do not take time to eat or drink. During hot summer days, there is a vulnerability to heat strokes. Coconut water works as an excellent rehydration agent, making up for the lost water. After water, coconut water is the next purest liquid, and it even contains vitamins, minerals, and salts, and is far better than other rehydration agents like sodas.

2. Helps with Constipation:

Coconut water helps in relieving constipation. Constipation in babies is something big that parents worry about a lot. The main reason for constipation is having excessive dairy items and lack of fibres and water in the diet. Coconut water is a rich source of fiber and electrolytes and relieves constipation.

3. Controls Vomiting:

Vomiting can upset the balance of electrolytes in babies and cause severe dehydration. Coconut water provides a soothing effect on the stomach and proves to be an excellent remedy for the babies. Due to its sweet tastes, babies prefer coconut water over other electrolyte drinks.

4. Treats Urine Infections:

Babies and infants are much more vulnerable to the infections in urinary tract as they cannot maintain proper hygiene on their own. The bacterial infection can worsen the condition if it stays in bladder or kidney. Coconut water possesses healing and cleansing properties that are able to cure urinary problems. It is also effective in treating bladder infections. It can also dissolve kidney stones as it dilutes the urine and flushes out numerous chemicals. As a regular part of the diet, it helps in maintaining a healthy urinary system.

5. Treats Cholera:

In several cases, diarrhoea caused by cholera leads to dehydration and worsens the condition resulting in various complications. One of the treatments required for Cholera is oral rehydration, but it is not possible to depend on IV fluids consistently. Coconut water is the best alternative to IV fluids and keeps the hydration level in balance. It is easy to administer and easily available too, making it one of the most common and most effective remedies for babies.

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