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Why A Sibling Bond Is Precious

Birth is inevitable and so is growing up into adults. But what we grow into is self-chosen. Some may emerge as business tycoons, some as brilliant engineers, some as invaluable doctors, some as renowned painters, some as famous authors or poets, and some might be satisfied in leading a normal employee life. Have you ever wondered what makes each one different? Of course, no one was tabulae rasae by birth. Each one of us has our own set of dominant genes which made us what we are today. But there are a lot of things set to work in moderating, challenging, annealing and wounding the individual temperament of the person. One of such things that is long ignored by researchers but now thought to be one of the most important in our lives is sibling bond.

Sibling bond is a love-hate relationship which is emotionally powerful and critically important not only in childhood but over the course of a lifetime. This bond, involving shared upbringing and shared genes, attributes to the growth and development of the individual since the very early age. The impact of sibling bond on our young and adult life is enormous – they shape our history and our character. Though they cause grief as much as pleasure, here are a few reasons why sibling bond is precious and having a sibling is totally cool

1. Better health:

Having siblings improves physical as well as mental health. While physically your siblings might help you in cutting down the obesity and having a healthy lifestyle, and mentally, they give you the courage to tackle difficult situations with ease and also protects you from feeling lonely, guilty, self -conscious or fearful during your adolescent years.

2. Increased learning:

Having a sibling to teach what you learnt and sharing your knowledge would definitely help in increased learning of both the siblings. Even during playtime, they learn from one another - from counting numbers, writing, discussing, sharing opinion to solving problems and conquering the issues. Also, this results in higher IQ.

3. Honest inputs:

Either about your new dress or age-old relationship, the person who could give honest opinions on your face is your sibling. Though your parents or your friends too could give honest inputs, your siblings take it to the new level of honesty.

4. Someone to count on anytime:

Your siblings are the one who has seen you since the birth. They have seen you as a kid, as a teenager, as a full-grown adult. Also, they have shared the same family and same environment. They have undergone the same ups and downs as your family did. They mostly know the in and out of you. And you can count on them anytime without giving them the account of what is happening in your life.

5. May help you live longer:

A strong bond with your siblings is linked to better living and longevity. Siblings bond contribute to reducing the risk of early deaths compared to the people with no siblings or poor sibling bond. It could be because your sibling/family encourage you to take better care of yourself and be there in time of need.

6. Sympathy skills and kinder vibes:

Having a sibling makes you realize the world doesn’t revolve only around you. The love, care and attention of parents is divided. Though it might be annoying in the beginning, you will gradually learn to accept it. With time you also accept everyone have different perspectives and along with this understanding comes the sympathy skills and kinder feelings towards the other person.

7. Personal cheerleader:

Although all siblings might not be same, most of them reflect your feelings. They will cheer you when you succeed in life ventures and be happy for you during your happy time (needless to say, they will be there for you even in your bad time.

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