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Who Should Join You in The Delivery Room?


Delivery is an equally beautiful experience as pregnancy. Right from the first contraction to the hurried hospital drive - there is so much for you to decide. Which medication, which delivery option, etc - all have to be just right. It is after all one of the important steps in parenthood that starts right from pregnancy.

Even then, there is just so much going on that it is a struggle to decide right. Don’t worry ladies! Here is a simple guide to whom you should chose to join you in the delivery room.

1. Your mother/mother-in-law

Mothers are the first option that will come to your mind. Not only has to done this once with you, just a maternal support from your mum can help you relieve stress. Also, no one can mess with her kid if your mommy is around. After all, parenting is a continuing job, right?

If there is a an open relationship with your mother-in-law - her joining you in the delivery room is the perfect addition. While you may have a few misunderstandings, she has equally struggled in the delivery as any woman has. Even better would be if your mother is unable to come, she will the best companion to compensate for all the maternal love or guidance!

2. Husband

He has ultimately been your loving partner all this while, giving you support and strength. Sometimes husbands do not feel comfortable or mums do not feel sure about the husband being there. According to what your gut says - go for the best option!

3. Professional/Midwife

A professional or midwife is usually present in hospitals to ensure safety and emotional support. Even then, you can opt out of it if you do not feel comfortable with a stranger in the room. In fact, you can decide to call your own trusted midwife who can provide with the confidence that you might need during delivery.

4. Best friend

Your soul sister or brother has been your ultra companion for your life. At such a sensitive and important time, you may feel you need their support. Remember though, your guy best friend might be uncomfortable or you may not be ready to have them in such an intimate moment. So, there is no pressure to have them if you absolutely feel that they shouldn’t. Girls on the other hand, provide you with a positive reinforcement that you might need while giving birth.

5. Sibling

Siblings are always going to some part of your other half. Sometimes you may need the solid support siblings give you at times of stress or anxiety. If your brother or sister have a open bond to share your delivery moments, you can ask them to hold your hand as.

6. Your father/father-in-law

Many women have a single father or sometimes their mum’s are unable to join them during the delivery. There have been times that both your parents are held up. Your father or your father-in-law are also a great option to join you in the birthing process. They might themselves been in the situation at your arrival sometimes. So, they are equally good choice.

7. Extended family

Have funky uncle whom you trust? Or a relatable cousin who knows what you’re thinking? How about your grand aunt? Your extended family is a good choice if you feel that you can trust them to support through the delivery.

In the end, it is a very personal and important decision on your part to chose your delivery room companion. Giving birth happens not only once or is a private and intimate moment - but a time for companionship and support. At such an integral moment, we are sure you will choose the best individual to join you in the delivery room. 

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