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Which Of These 4 Personality Types Is Your Toddler?

As your toddler nears the age of 2 to 3 years, you will notice that they have begun to have their own personality. Whether it’s the way they speak to you, or the way they do things, every toddler is unique. However, most toddlers can be similar to one of 4 toddler personality types.  


And your toddler is likely to fit into at least one of these 4 personality types. Here are the 4 most universal toddler personality types:

1. The Emotional Toddler

Your toddler may be emotional and very expressive of these emotions. Toddlers with this personality type are enthusiastic. They tend to be honest and sometimes too direct about how they feel. This emotion and honesty can be the source of their creativity and talent.

Whether they’re happy or sad, you usually won’t have to ask them. They’ll let you know - they may have a meltdown, or use a lot of big gestures like throwing things or slamming doors.

Parenting Tip: To bring out their best qualities, give them creative outlets. Encourage them to play a sport, take up art, or join a theater group that can allow them an opportunity to handle their emotions.

2. The Assertive Toddler

Although some people may call your assertive, strong-minded toddler bossy, he or she just knows EXACTLY what they want. You may see them “bossing” their little siblings or friends around. And they may get very angry when they are unable to get what they want. They are strong and can stand up for themselves very well in social situations.

Parenting Tip: Although your child’s assertiveness is a useful quality, encourage them to be more polite when making their demands. Let them know how to use their assertiveness only when it is needed.

3. The Shy Toddler

Although you worry about your child’s shyness, shy children tend to be thoughtful and creative. They usually grow out of their shyness and become smart, kind and cautious children. With an introverted personality, you may find that they like being left to themselves, and interact very little with other people.

Parenting Tip: Prepare your child for social situations by telling them what to expect as this can help them prepare for it. Try to make them more comfortable in social situations but encourage them to make a few strong friendships and occasionally interact with people.

4. The Spirited Toddler

This kind of toddler handles most situations pretty well - even the parents themselves may struggle to understand how. They easily adapt to new situations as long as they are in a good mood. They are also storytellers and like to make jokes so that they can make their family and friends laugh. They may end up seeming very loud and overactive in social situations.

Parenting Tip: Help them learn to behave in social situations as not all people may appreciate their great spirit. Help them use their storytelling skills and talents by enrolling them in activities and encouraging them with activities like writing or acting.

No matter what kind of toddler yours is, they have the potential to be really special. Encourage their potential by understanding them better and helping them understand the world better.

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